BILT ANZ 2019 – Vision 20/20

What Is It?

The Vision 20/20 Competition, is a fast paced and fun look into the future, done live and judged by your peers in real time. As you can perhaps tell by the title, this competition is your chance to be a Futurist, presenting your ideas about where you think the industry is going, or should go.

The format is 20 slides, of 20 seconds each, for a total of 6 minutes & 40 seconds to share your vision of the future.

Topic: The Immersive Future

Working with technology in the architecture, engineer and construction industry, we probably all have some level of familiarity with virtual and augmented realities – but usually we probably think of someone wearing a VR headset and walking through a yet to be built building, or maybe playing a video game.  What other applications are there for virtual and augmented reality into the future?

Almost every industry could be transformed by the use of virtual or augmented realities.  Think about the possibilities – entertainment, tourism, education, psychology or medicine.  What will it be like to watch a movie, do you ever need to actually go to that destination, what can you learn, practice or overcome through being immersed in a virtual world?  Do the lines between reality and virtual reality start to blur?

Looking for some inspiration –  one place to start is Aurecon’s Just Image blog

You can be humorous or serious, base your ideas on research the latest trends and future forecasts on the internet or use your imagination and share your idea of “The Immersive Future” from BILT ANZs main stage.

What are the Prizes?

1st Prize: Speakership + 4 nights accommodation at BILT ANZ 2020 (Abstract to be approved)
2nd Prize: Fitbit Versa
3rd Prize: UE BOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Who Can Submit?

The Vision 20/20 Competition is open to all BILT ANZ 2019 Attendees. Committee members are not eligible for the prize and there is One entry per delegate only.

Submissions closing date: 11:59 EST 29th April, 2019

How Is It Judged?

All entries will be reviewed by the Committee to determine three finalists. Judging criteria will be focused on the best potential as a live Vision 20/20 presentation and as an BILT ANZ 2019 session. Finalists will be notified on 4 May 2018 via email

The finalists will present live during the Vision 20/20 session on Saturday May 25 and the audience will vote on which presentation is the winner.

How to Submit?

File format: You can submit a short abstract describing your talk, a video, audio file or even your full slide deck

Please try to remove any identifying information within your entry as it will be judged anonymously.

If selected as a finalist you will need to create a 20 slide presentation with the following specifications:

Resolution (aspect ratio): Landscape 1920×1080 (16:9)

Number of slides: 20 images

Time: 20 seconds each (6 minutes & 40 seconds total)

Timeline (Eastern Standard Time)

29.04.2019: Submission Due Date

08.05.2019: Finalists Announced

25.05.2019: Vision 20/20 Finalist Presentations

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