Corporate Membership

Become a Corporate Member of DBEI with our option of 10, 25 or 50 Members plus recognition in front of all DBEI members.

Bronze 10 Professional MembersSilver 25 Professional MembersGold 50 Professional Members

As part of your Corporate Membership you will also receive:

Organisation logo and description on website as Corporate Member ✓
Company listing and profile in DBEI Community directory ✓
Opportunity to present a case study via a Discover by DBEI webinar1
Provide news article content (project, partner and client collaboration stories)up to 2
Featured company posting on DBEI Community platform newsfeed (featured for 48 hours)up to 6
Company Discount on DBEI In-person/online events in 2021 (if membership finalised by September 2020,
after that drops to 10%) to a maximum of 20 non-Professional members
“What We Need” Roundtable1
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