02 - 23 September, 2020
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Wednesday, 09 September, 2020 | 11:00 AM

What’s in a name? Naming Strategies for Revit Content

Christopher Shafer, HDR
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Regardless of the size of your firm and your content management solution, a strategic and systematic approach to content management is a must. Efficiencies are gained by both the BIM Manager and the production staff if a methodology is adopted and adhered to by all.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how a strategic approach to naming Revit content can create efficiencies for organizing, finding and using Revit content.
2. Demonstrate how CSI MasterFormat can be used as a naming strategy for Revit Families.
3. Demonstrate how CSI UniFormat can be used as a naming strategy for Revit details.
4. Demonstrate how using MasterFormat can be a link between Revit content, specification and the project delivery process.


Regardless of the size of your firm and the BIM content management solution in which you use, a strategic and systematic approach to content management is a must. Efficiencies are gained by both the BIM Manager and the production staff if a methodology is adopted and adhered to by all. In this course, we demonstrate how HDR has created a methodology for structuring, managing and maintaining BIM content for a firm of 10,000 plus employees across multiple disciplines such as architecture, interior design, MEP engineering, and structural engineering. While HDR has adopted UNIFI as its content management solution, the strategy developed by HDR to maintain content can be applied to any content management solution. When it comes to the available content management solutions, they all take a different approach to how they function. At the end of the day, each are equally good and their differences come down to personal preference just as much as one’s favorite flavor of ice cream. In this course, we will identify where those differences exist.

We will demonstrate the methodology adopted by HDR into how content is stored and organized that makes the search for content efficient for our end-users:
• How content is organized within the content management solution in a manner that recognizes end-users of different disciplines and their various content needs.
– How there is a multi-approach for “Shopping” for content to tailor the experience for the end-user.
– Amazon: This is the keyword search approach. Enter a keyword or term into the search command and get the results.
– Shopping Mall: With this approach, there are various “BIM Stores” under one roof based on BIM Content Type. There’s a store for Revit Families, Computation Content, AutoCAD Blocks, etc.
– Home Depot: This approach is by end-use. Just like a Home Depot, there’s an isle for Doors, Windows, etc. The content is grouped by its end-use, regardless of content type, by Doors, Windows, etc.
– The approach to what content will be hosted is just as important to the methodology of how content is stored.
– In a multi-disciplinary company, sharing content is vital to the overall BIM effort rather than the “siloing” of content.
– Demonstrate how we rely on CSI MasterFormat to name and organize our BIM content.



Christopher Shafer

Digital Content Manager

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