02 - 23 September, 2020
BCS Online
Wednesday, 02 September, 2020 | 11:00 AM

Taking an Inside Look: What It Takes to Be Content with Content

Rob van het Hof, Ware Malcomb
Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance
Content, Data Management
All Levels
Design Technology Manager, Architects/Architectural Designers, Asset Managers, BIM Leaders/Managers, Construction Managers, Construction Planners/Schedulers, Engineers - Electrical, Engineers - Fire, Engineers - Mechanical, Engineers - Plumbing/Hydraulic, Engineers - Structural, Estimators/Quantity Surveyors, Facilities Managers, Facility/Property Owners, Information Managers, Interior Designers, Manufacturers/Suppliers, Modellers, Practice Firm Leaders, Project Managers, VDC Coordinators/Manager


Is content in BIM intended for graphic representation? What should its level of detail be? Do we include additional data and if so, does it benefit the Architect, Contractor, Consultants, Client or everyone? Content is quickly becoming the key component of successful BIM projects and should be developed accordingly.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify multiple uses for content, how each applies to different team members, and what it takes to add this functionality.
2. Identify the different way embedded data and functionality can be viewed or used both inside BIM applications and through third-party applications and portals.
3. Analyse the financial implications of producing data-rich content and what a return on investment might be.
4. Compare static and parametric content to determine exactly how versatile particular content needs to be.


This session will take a deep dive into all things related to content for our BIM projects. During the early years of BIM adaptation there was talk about the “I” in BIM and the value of the entire BIM process before and after the design and construction phases of a project. However, if multiple parties have stake in and benefit from robust content and embedded data, who is ultimately responsible for authoring that content? Join this session to explore what should (or sometimes more importantly should not) be included in content and who is responsible for providing it. Content can be used for graphic representation, quantification, containers for meta data, analysis, coordination, scheduling, renderings, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless, and we are seeing more uses (and demands) every day.
Attendees of this session will discover ideas for successful strategies on navigating the turbulent BIM waters. Audience members will learn what questions to ask to participate in and benefit from robust content in BIM projects. The information in this session is applicable to all members of the AEC industry: Clients, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and Manufacturer, whether creating content themselves or directing others to do it.
We will explore the financial side of creating content and compare/contrast methods of developing complete content libraries. We will illustrate several assets than can be (and are being) included in content today and why it is of importance to different team members. Additional data layers can be added in the authoring software (like Revit) but can also be added later by separate software and platforms. We will examine both. Although this session will not be a “how to” instructional session on building content, it will discuss best practices, compare static and parametric content, and exactly how parametric functionality content should have.
Attendees of all levels of expertise are welcome. All should be prepared for an exciting, informative session. Expect to gain a wealth of knowledge about the many facets of content creation, spur thoughtful discussion and generate thought-provoking questions. This will be a presentation/lecture style but asking questions and interaction is highly encouraged and ample time will be planned for questions and discussions towards the end.



Rob van het Hof

Ware Malcomb
Design Technology Manager

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20th May 2020

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