24 - 26 November, 2022
BILT ANZ 2022, Gold Coast

Session 1.3

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 | 01:45 PM

Uncovering Railings in Revit: Tips & Hacks to conquer the tool

Monica Greco, Jasmax
All Levels
BIM Leaders/Managers, CAD Managers, Modellers


Not understanding how Revit Railings work often results in lots of warnings in the model and bad modelling practices to achieve the desired look. This class will go through all the ins and outs of the Railing tool to understand what can and can’t be accomplished in Revit, as well as explore some alternative workarounds for when what we want to model can’t be done with the out-of-the-box tool.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding how the Revit Railing tool works, with all the Handrail and Railing parameters
2. Understanding what the limitations of the tool are
3. Tips and hacks to model balustrades in Revit


I think we can all agree that the Railing tool is one of the most complicated ones to use in Revit. How many hours have we all spent trying to model a presumably ‘easy’ balustrade in Revit, dealing with endless warnings and handrails that just don’t want to look the way they are supposed to.

But is it just a flaw in Revit that doesn’t allow us to model these elements to meet our requirements, or is it that the tool is too complicated for us to really understand how it works, and we give up trying?

This class will explore just that. I will take you through the ins and out of how this tool works and go through what can and can’t be achieved in Revit, acknowledging where the limitations are and where the tool provided just can’t do the job. But I promise you – you will be surprised by what we will discover.

I will also share with you some railing workarounds or hacks that sometimes are necessary to achieve the desired look. These include non-traditional ways of modelling things in Revit, such as: using Handrail Support families instead of Baluster families to customize post and baluster locations or using handrails for stair nosing and head clearances.



Monica Greco