22 - 24 June, 2021
BILT Virtual 2021

Session 2.5 (EDT 14:25 June 23 | AEST 04:25 June 24 | CET 20:25 June 23)

Thursday, 24 June, 2021 | 04:25 AM

Stream Two: An Established DPD: The Secret to Thriving in Disruptive Times (20mins)

Ellen Bensky, Turner Fleischer Architects
Business Strategy and Leadership
Non Vendor Specific
All Levels


The disruption caused by the impact of the pandemic and accelerating technology has challenged the A/E/C industry faster than most firms can react. The need to optimize internal talent has never been greater, nor has the need to embrace and translate a digital mindset into a profitable workflow. There is no longer a single force driving change in our businesses; there are competing, complex decisions that have to be made rapidly and logically.

Learn how, as a mid-sized architecture firm leveraged its ten-person Digital Practice Department (DPD) to go beyond technology oversight, and bring innovation that touches all studio workflows. Attendees will understand that from the drive to be at the forefront of technology stemmed a realization that a practice can do so much more by investing and supporting internal technology teams. Ellen will share the results of the decision to hire a Chief Technology Officer, and how a CTO is not another digitally focused position, but a critical role that impacts all aspects of a progressive practice. Taking a deep dive into the current goals and objectives of our DPD, and the evolving roles within it, learn how flexibility and empowerment allow a firm to thrive in unpredictable times.

Learning Objectives:

1. Build an understanding of why firms, of all sizes, require dedicated technology expertise and understanding at the leadership level.

2. Learn how a practice realized that pushing the boundaries of digital innovation necessitated evolving and fully leveraging its internal technology team.

3. Understand how during periods of disruption and uncertainty, having technology roles aligned with industry advances and internal needs facilitates important decision making for your business.

4. Appreciate how the right structure for internal technology oversight prepares your business for evolving situations.



Ellen Bensky

Turner Fleischer Architects