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DBEI Hackathon ANZ

DBEI Hackathon

17 June, 2020, Sydney, Australia

The Digital Built Environment Institute is proud to announce its second Hackathon in Sydney running on Wednesday 17th June, International Towers, Barangaroo, Sydney. This is running in conjunction with, and a day prior to the commencement of BILT ANZ.

This year’s theme is “Collaborative Data Modeling”.

From barn raising to delivering an international airport, building is a collaborative process. As the demands on the built environment have become more stringent and complex, more specialists are required to offer their expertise and more data sources are required for a successful project. Building talent and critical data must be enlisted from multiple locations around the world and clear communication is critical to support today’s practice of rapid delivery by multiple disciplines, working in multiple languages, on multiple platforms. For these reasons, this year the DBEI Hackathon series will focus on Collaborative Data Modeling.

We’re interested in solutions that focus on clear, concise, and effective communication of intent, proposals, and solutions involving the best technologies and key data sources pushed one step farther. Whether you’d like to explore better data interoperability or realtime collaboration in virtual reality, we’d like to see what’s possible to ensure the deepest understanding of project issues and their resolution. Let’s explore past the horizon of today’s collaborative methods and start building the better systems of the future!

So how will this DBEI Hackathon work?

A 1-Day design sprint-like event where teams work together, on a specific idea, with the goal to create usable software or hardware as functioning prototype or product by the end of the event.

How will the DBEI Hackathon work?

Each hackathon group will be between 4-6 people, with each group working on your respective project idea. You can either form a group prior to the event (maybe get a few of your friends or colleagues together) or sign up individually and join a group through our Slack Communications Group, or if you are late to register you can join a team on site!

  • Wednesday morning, we kick off with introductions
  • From 9:30am the hack (or fun) begins!
  • Expert Users will be on hand throughout the day to offer their help for your hack
  • 8 hours later teams will demonstrate and show off their results to all attendees and the Judges
  • Following will be the awards ceremony with a hard earned drink or two to commemorate a job well done!

The Winning Teams will be rewarded with prizes, plus 1st place will be given the chance to present the winning project at the BILT ANZ closing plenary on Saturday 20 June.

How to get involved? 

  • Registration is now open! Click on the Pricing section to secure your ticket!

Venue Address:

Level 14, Tower Three, International Towers Sydney
Exchange Place, 300 Barangaroo Avenue
Barangaroo NSW 2000

18 - 20 June, 2020
19 June, 2020

Who Should Attend?

For those who find simply USING the latest technology is not cutting edge enough, and want instead to CREATE that next technology. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. BIM Managers, technology managers, scripters and coders, data scientists – all those who have a vision for the future, a desire to be involved, and the energy to handle a sprint!

Why DBEI Hackathon?

DBEI is focused on ‘Advancing People, Processes and Technology’. Conferences are one piece of that puzzle, focused on teaching. A hackathon encourages and fosters innovation at the front end of that process, focused on creating. It brings new ways to look at existing problems, new approaches to applying technology to improve existing processes, and a deeper look at the ways in which we can become more effective, more efficient, more productive.

General Enquiries

For Event Enquiries please contact

Jacki Phillips
Phone: +61 9929 4200
Email: jacki.phillips@rtcevents.com

Sponsorship Enquiries

For Sponsorship Enquiries please contact

Peter Morgan
Director, Business Development
Email: peter.morgan@dbeinstitute.org

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