09 October, 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland
DBEI Hackathon Europe 2019

DBEI Hackathon Europe 2019

09 October, 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Digital Built Environment Institute is proud to announce its first Hackathon in Europe running on the 9th of October in Edinburgh. This is running in conjunction with BILT Europe & Digital Built Week and is sponsored by Autodesk.

This year’s theme is “Generative Design in Practice”. Design Computation is a field grabbing a lot of headlines, and a lot of research time – but what is it really? Is it a solution in search of a problem? Is it tech for tech’s sake? Or is it the answer to fundamental roadblocks in our path to increasing productivity?

So how will this DBEI Hackathon work?

A 1-Day design sprint-like event where teams work together, on a specific idea, with the goal to create usable software or hardware as functioning prototype or product by the end of the event.  See some example ideas here, but we are also open to other ideas and will be looking for ideas that can automate a combination of conflicting goals to reveal solutions to practical building and infrastructure problems. Whether you’d like to explore building massing, steel detailing, duct routing, or any other problem in building design, or you have ideas about how this process can be applied to building operations, we’re looking for generative outcomes that make their way into conventional design, fabrication or operation solutions.

How will the DBEI Hackathon work?

Each hackathon group will be between 5-6 people, with each group working on your respective project idea. You can either form a group prior to the event (maybe get a few of your friends or colleagues together) or sign up individually and join a group though our Slack Communications Group or on site!

  • Monday morning, we kick off with project ideas and finalise teams
  • From 9:30am the hack (or fun) begins!
  • 8 hours later teams will demonstrate and show off their results to all attendees and the Judges
  • Following will be the awards ceremony with a hard earned drink or two to commemorate a job well done!

Join Expert Users

To help you ‘hack’ it out, our expert users and programmers will be on hand at the DBEI Hackathon!

  • Kean Walmsley, Autodesk Research – He joined Autodesk in 1995 and has worked in a number of Autodesk offices around the world – in the UK, the US, India and Switzerland – and in a number of roles, both technical and management-focused. He spent several years working in the Autodesk Developer Network and four years as a Software Architect for the AutoCAD product line.
  • Zachary Kron, Autodesk Generative Design Group – Since 2007 Zach has researched, strategized and helped implement parametric and computational design tools and workflows primarily for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industries.

The Winning Teams will be rewarded with prizes plus 1st place will be given the chance to present the winning project at the BILT Europe closing plenary on Saturday 12 October.

The Hackathon NA Winning Team. 
Presenting at the BILT NA closing plenary, July 20 2019.

How to get involved? 

  • Make sure you register for the DBEI Hackathon via the link below. If you’re joining as a team, everyone in your team will need to register separately.
  • If you have a specific idea or ‘Hack’ that you want to pitch let us know either during the registration process, on the Slack Communications Group or on site!

Whether you have an idea of how things should work in AEC, want to try out your visual programming or coding skills with a team, or want to bring requirements for generative design workflows from your business, we’re interested in your contribution. You bring the laptop, we’ll bring the coffee and meals, and perhaps a couple of surprise guests to help you get going. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Event Features

Join us for an Intense look into the bleeding edge of technology and push yourself to new heights while:


Who Should Attend?

For those who find simply USING the latest technology is not cutting edge enough, and want instead to CREATE that next technology. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. BIM Managers, technology managers, scripters and coders, data scientists – all those who have a vision for the future, a desire to be involved, and the energy to handle a sprint!

Why DBEI Hackathon?

DBEI is focused on ‘Advancing People, Processes and Technology’. Conferences are one piece of that puzzle, focused on teaching. A hackathon encourages and fosters innovation at the front end of that process, focused on creating. It brings new ways to look at existing problems, new approaches to applying technology to improve existing processes, and a deeper look at the ways in which we can become more effective, more efficient, more productive.

General Enquiries

For Event Enquiries please contact

Europe Events Team
Phone: +61 9929 4200
Email: secretary@rtcevents.com

Sponsorship Enquiries

Peter Morgan
Director, Business Development
Email: peter.morgan@dbeinstitute.org