AEC Professionals are from Mars, Owners are for Venus – Speaker Spotlight: Carl Storms & Peter Costanzo

This week for BCS NA 2019 we spoke to one of our roundtable speakers Carl Storms (left), Solutions Consultant and Peter Costanzo (right), Director, Facilities Management at IMAGINiT Technologies, who will be leading what we think will be a thought-provoking discussion on the different outputs required for designers and owners and how to bridge the gap.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Carl: I am that short “well rounded guy” with a goatee and funny hat who seems to be a glutton for punishment when it comes to speaking. I spend my days helping people move to BIM through training, implementations and knowledge sharing.

What interests you outside of work?

Carl: When I am not on the clock I enjoy watching a movie, something that makes me laugh. Exploring the great Canadian wilderness with my wife and dog. Or just relaxing and enjoy a nice Scotch like the Legend Ron Burgundy. I also find time to work on my blog, and help out with a couple AEC podcasts: Simply Complex Podcast – Conference Edition with Marcello & BluePrints with Bill & Carol.

Peter: Skiing

What do you feel is most lacking in our industry currently? And how do you think this can be changed?

Peter: Clarity of how to effectively communicate information throughout a building’s lifecycle. At its core, this is a data integration problem. Simple, standard IT principles properly applied address this.

What have you achieved and how?

Peter: We’ve been able to work with many organizations both from an AEC and owner perspective to achieve our goal leveraging data throughout a building lifecycle.

Tell us more about what the next steps are for you in this role?

Peter: Ask my wife if I can travel more so I can work with more organizations

Your Session is AEC Professionals are from Mars, Owners are for Venus

Learning Objectives:
1. Learning that what owners need from a BIM is very different than what AEC professionals needs from a BIM
2. What is needed if your BIM is intended for the complete building lifecycle
3. How technology allows for accessing of information from a building model throughout the building lifecycle.
4. What works for one owner doesn’t work for all owners (Private vs. Government vs. Campus/Institutional)

What was the motivation behind your abstract submission and why should delegates attend?

Carl: This session came about when Peter (FM guy) and me (AEC guy) had a candid discussion about BIM.

This session is for all those in the AECO industry, including those that are representatives of the manufactures. I think the all parties can learn a lot about what the about how BIM is not the same for all when it comes to AEC professional and Owners and Operators.

What are you hoping delegates will gain from your session?

Carl: A better understanding of what the “other side” needs and wants out of their BIM

Carl and Peter will be presenting in the BCS Plenary Session 1.5. This session is open to BCS and BILT attendees.

We hope to see you there!

P.S Already registered? If you want to join this session you can do so by modifying your agenda selection in Session 1.5. You can modify via this link. (You will need to enter your email and registration reference number)

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