BCS is coming to Australia and New Zealand in 2020!

For the first time ever, we’re bringing our famous Building Content Summit (BCS) to the southern hemisphere. This event, which has been a huge success in both Europe and North America for the last three years, will be a featured one-day stream on 19 June within this year’s BILT ANZ and is dedicated to improving BIM content for all disciplines throughout the building lifecycle by uniting thought leaders from Design, Building Product Manufacturers, Owners and Facility Managers, and Software/Service Providers.

For Content Users, BCS gives you exclusive access to a wealth of knowledge from a range of industry professionals and learn all about working smarter and leveraging your skills. Find out all the best practices for successfully implementing BIM content and what information is critical during each stage of a building’s lifecycle.

For Building Product Manufacturers, you’ll discover what is necessary in your content to ensure building designers have all the information they need to specify your products within their models, and how to make your content suitable for use throughout the whole lifecycle of a building, from initial design right through to facility management.

By attending, you’ll walk away with a full understanding of:

  • Where to start if you need BIM Content?
  • Best practices for managing your BIM Content
  • How to take your content to the next level

Classes for the day include:

BIM Content in Context: 3 users’ perspectives and a project life-cycle
What are the different needs of each discipline when it comes to content throughout a project’s life-cycle? This session will take you through the Perspectives of an Architect, Engineer and Construction Contractor of their needs and what does and doesn’t work.

So you need some BIM Content, now what?
Join this session to explore what should (or sometimes more importantly should not) be included in content and who is responsible for providing it.  Content can be used for graphic representation, quantification, containers for meta data, analysis, coordination, scheduling, renderings, etc.  The possibilities are virtually endless, and we are seeing more uses (and demands) every day.

The Importance of Data in your BIM Content
The demand on AEC firms to deliver data rich and high quality BIM models is increasing by the day. When there are issues with this data, it can be difficult to detect them without taking a detailed look at the model. There are many tools on the market for monitoring model health on a project by project basis. But how can you monitor detailed model health across all projects across multiple office locations to ensure all projects are meeting your BIM standards?

BIM Content: Manufacturer’s V Generic – The War is Over
The “product specific v generic” BIM content war has waged for two decades. Our inability, as an industry, to find a solution is a major roadblock on our digital journey. This session will demonstrate a new method for BIM content that has been 7 years in the making. We will hear from manufacturer ASSA ABLOY and Architects, Cottee Parker who have adopted this new method for success on the Queens Wharf project in Brisbane Australia.

From the decision makers of project design to innovators of future creations, this is an event not to be missed! Recognize the value of communication between each of these silos as we collaborate as an industry to increase efficiency in modelling. Hear from key people in the AECO industry on their success stories, tips and tricks as well as the problems they frequently encounter and learn how to navigate the challenges in an open forum – because there is always someone else experiencing the same problem as you. Join us as we discuss how to reduce time and money spent on fixing issues, to enable you to be more productive and efficient.

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