BILT ANZ from a QS point of view

This week’s post is from special guest Keeley Pomeroy, a Quantity Surveyor and now longtime attendee and speaker at BILT ANZ.  Keeley is AECOM’s Australia/New Zealand’s Digital Quantity Surveying and Cost Management Innovation specialist. He has an integral role in the early discussions on numerous projects where BIM has been implemented and has been integral to the adoption of BIM in AECOM’s ANZ Cost Management teams.  We asked him to provide his point of view on this year’s BILT ANZ program.

This year marks my fifth straight attendance at the BILT conference and by the end of this conference I will have presented a total of 3 sessions, 1 lab, 1 panel and now 1 workshop. While I believe we professionals that perform quantity surveying, cost management, estimation, project controls or even (dare I say it) project manager roles in BIM and digital construction are hugely underrepresented in terms of attendees at BILT, If you are one of those few people that perform the roles above and are coming to BILT this year, then… 

Without further ado, welcome to @QSKeeley ‘s session recommendation if you are in this field want to sit with me and likeminded others at every session for 3 days and learn what we are about to learn –

Day 1 Thursday

DO NOT MISS THE KEYNOTE at 9am. Every year the Keynote Session is worth the entry alone. (To be announced very shortly!)

Session 1.2 Shanoc Halliday’s LAB on “Infrastructure QTO with Bluebeam Revu” or Nick Rostin’s “Office to Field (BIM 360)” presentation both look good to deeper dive into software solutions to project problems.

Session 1.3 “No Smoke, No Mirrors” by Chris Pyne looks a winner with a session on Digital Engineering and Laing O’Rourke or if you want to learn more about information management Mark Cronin has a good panel session on “Project Information Management”.

Session 1.4 the workshop called “Objects on Film!” (A poor Duran Duran reference) presented by me is a great example of Quantity Surveyor leading project collaboration.

Session 1.5 has a few options, but you will most likely see me at “The Industry Update Panel” to get my 60min download on where all the BIM & DE groups are heading.

Looking forward to finishing this all off with #BILTSTREETPARTY

Day 2 Friday

Session 2.2 After the morning plenary [Also soon to be announced] a must for me has to be Quoc Pham’s Lab on PowerBI.

Session 2.3 “Collaborating with Contractors” (Matt Fern) or “Structuring your teams for success” (Mel Tristram) are both good for some great take homes. I’m off to “A Government agency BIM programme in action” with Liz and Glenn.

Session 2.4 “Popeye’s spinach for Project Controls” grabs my eye. Pieter is a great teacher of sessions like this.

Session 2.5 make sure if you never have really gotten into Navisworks get to the “LAB Navisworks Clash Detection”. If learning new software isn’t your thing then “ADHB Journey to the end of BIM” or “Reinventing IT for AEC” would be my next choices.

Then we have the BILT ANZ #Networkingfunction

Home straight Day 3 Saturday for me I’m focusing on internal development

Session 3.1 I’m kicking off with “Applying Facility Management to your own office”. I’m personally looking forward to working IoT and get data for insights in my own working space. If you are new to this conference, then head to the panel “Advancing your Career in BIM”

Session 3.2 now onto “Greenlight: How to Design, Test and Deliver what customers want” with Euro star Marcus Fich.

Session 3.3 and my final selected option “Workshop: Business Development & Market Penetrations” with Mark.

The last session is the wrap up & Vision 20/20 competition, then we get to celebrate in cocktail attire for the #CasinoRoyaleParty.

I’m firm advocate that the above sessions will further your skills and knowledge in your chosen speciality profession. If you see me at the conference give me a high five to let me know you read this post! A sweet reminder before you get to BILT this year, get on twitter, get a handle and follow everyone that has used #BILTanz tag over the last 18 months – you won’t regret it.

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