BILT Asia 2020 – My experience

By Rexter RetanaMott MacDonald

So, you’ve heard about the upcoming BILT Asia 2020 event and contemplating whether to attend. You ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” The straight answer is a “Big Fat YES!” – it is worth every penny. But before you react, allow me to share with you my first experience with BILT, as I was once in your shoes as well.

In 2014, I heard that RTC (now BILT), would have its inaugural conference in Singapore from Sept 10-12, 2015 at the Resort World Sentosa. The first few months I was hesitant to attend. I had previously been to various local conferences but didn’t find the experience to be worthwhile. Therefore, I wasn’t (both personal and company-wide) sure of the value from attending the conference. However, my hunger for attaining new information outweighed my self-doubt. Eventually I registered for a ticket. Below are my key takeaways from attending my first BILT conference almost 5 years ago:

Learn Proven Workflows from Industry Experts

BILT conferences have given me the opportunity to bounce off ideas and current workflows to fellow delegates and expert speakers. We discussed whether there are still ways to improve it; I usually do this during the Q&A portion of the presentations. To my surprise, these technical professionals are very open to sharing proven workflows, which I had not previously encountered. Speakers who presented case studies in their talks were able to direct me towards additional resources that can be of value to my employer’s business process. I truly gained invaluable insight just from interacting with industry professionals.

Professional Networking

I also had the chance to meet and interact with like-minded people in the BIM/Digital space. I’ve always found networking to be an invaluable tool for advancing in my professional career. The people I’ve met in BILT conferences have become some of my closest technical peers, employees or employer. If you want to expand your professional network, then the BILT conference is for you! – The people you meet will become valuable resources in the future.

Career Advancement

BILT conferences have given me the opportunity to be one of the first people to experience innovative technology, stay on the pulse with trends and has equipped me with relevant technical knowledge to keep me ahead of competitors. The company I worked for ultimately benefited from the new knowledge and innovation I had learned from attending the conference.

The last takeaway – BILT is the only conference (local and international) that I’ve attended, which is both fun and educational.

For this year’s BILT conference, there are loads of topics to choose from, including a few that I am particularly looking forward to:

  • Leveraging data to move beyond BIM –best practices to structure and create efficient data models as well as how to start data-driven practice.
  • Improve project schedule management with cloud-based connected solution –a cloud-based application that utilizes data models to manage project progress using the Forge platform.
  • ROI strategies in BIM for FM. What gets measured gets accomplished. –measurable metrics and key performance indicators to help stay on track and measure progress towards a defined goal, as well as analysing its financial impact to the organization.
  • Security and Safety in the Digital and Physical Twins –the accuracy and precision of digital twins to command and control the physical twin. the use of cryptography to bootstrap security and safety of the digital and physical twins.

We hope to see you at the Marina Bay Sands this coming April! Register here.

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COVID-19 Update

20th May 2020

DBEI has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation around the world. While some parts of our society are beginning to open in baby-steps, none of us know how the situation will develop over the coming months. As such, DBEI has now made the decision to postpone all our 2020 events to 2021 as the well-being of all our partners and participants in our events remains our utmost priority. For new details on each region please visit our event pages. We have also sent communications to all registered attendees, speakers or sponsors for all of our 2020 events.

In the interim, DBEI will be launching several exciting virtual events and webinars in 2020 to continue to deliver the same expertise, insights and knowledge to the AEC industry during these uncertain times. We also have some other exciting initiatives we are working on to continue to provide value to our community, which we look forward to sharing with you all shortly.

We wish to thank you all for your support and appreciate your patience and understanding under the current circumstances and will continue to update our website and the community if there are any changes.

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