BILT Asia: How to get approval

BILT Asia 2020 is only a few months away and there’s still time to register and attend. With a bit of planning you’ll be able to explain to your management the importance of attending this year’s conference in Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

First of all, BILT is a premier BIM/Digital “technical” conference that presents the best of the best world class solutionsthe only conference that is run by the users and for the users. Our industry expert speakers don’t focus on a single software provider. In real-world practice, you are expected to use best-in-class tools that are right for the job and implement business processes that are platform agnostic. This saves time, money and creates critical options for your business.

Secondly, you’ll be able to choose from over 60 classes, labs and discussions. Of course, you can’t attend every one of those sessions – but you have access to all the presentations from this year’s conference. Go back to your office, chose the best sessions for your organisation and present the critical highlights from one session each week over the next year to your teams.

Finally, you can’t afford using trial and error. Mistakes are expensive and even more when you don’t even know you’re making them. You need to be proactive and stay ahead of the curve and learn from your network and peers about what’s possible now – as well as plan for what’s just over the horizon. Our sponsors and exhibitors are displaying the latest innovative technologies that will help your business avoid costly mistakes and give your design partners and clients the best experience possible. Don’t just win once. Leave a lasting impression that brings your customers coming back for the next project. 

Overall, it’s about being the best. It’s about leveraging the best solutions, best industry partners and best network of peers in order to innovate and create a wonderful customer experience. You want to be the best, right? Then we’ll see you in Marina Bay Sands Singapore!

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See below a sample email you can use to help you get approval to attend!

Hi [insert manager’s name],

There’s an upcoming learning and growth opportunity I’d like to discuss—it’s called BILT Asia. Each year, the Digital Built Environment Institute hosts a 3-day conference with 300+ professionals and 60+ sessions.

This year’s BILT Asia will be held again in Singapore from April 2 to 4. I’m confident that what I will learn at BILT will empower our company to become more productive, efficient, and competitive.

As a BILT Asia attendee, I’ll be able to:

Learn from top experts in our industry
BILT Asia is an incredible learning experience. With 60+ sessions, industry talks, case studies, workshops, hands-on labs and panel discussions, led by the leaders in the industry, BILT Asia will enable me to take my skills to the next level.

Discover the latest trends to help us stay competitive
At BILT Asia, I can learn about emerging technologies and new workflows that will help us stay ahead of the competition.

Bring back learnings to boost our productivity
I understand that results are important. I believe the insights and industry expertise I’ll gain at BILT Asia will help me and the whole team work more efficiently, and we’ll get access to the full suite of materials, handouts, tips and tricks, data sets and presentations that can be made accessible to the wider office – indeed a good investment for us.

For the Full Conference Pass, prices start at SGD$980 for early bird rate and SGD$1350 for standard rate. The whole trip (flight, hotel, conference fees) would cost around SGD$xxxx.

Let me know what you think—I’d love to discuss more during our next 1:1 meeting.

[Your name]

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