Coding skills are highly sought after, and increasingly so in the AECO industry. We are surrounded by opportunities to automate using code, whether the code being written is to programmatically design a building or simply to remove the mundane from a repetitive task – it all provides the same benefit of doing a task faster. Not only do we have multiple opportunities to use coding, but along with this is the quantum of applications to use. But where does one start? What program is best for what situation? Can anyone develop code?

Huddle together with our speakers in branching out to explore differences in approach, APIs, low-code, no-code, re-usable scripts, and the divergent toolsets available. Merge minds with others on best practices in code-reuse, CI/CD, User Acceptance Testing, and strategies in deployment, to welcome the new age of AECO automation.

Sound interesting? Check out the sessions below. If the LIVE time doesn’t suit you, register to the session and watch the recording at any point over the 7 days following for complimentary access.

Add some Python to your Dynamo skills

Tuesday 11th August, 2020 
1:00pm Central European Summer Time

Speaker: Mostafa El Ayoubi,
Data Shapes

Optimizing documentation process through standardization and automation

Thursday 13th August, 2020 
1:00pm Singapore Time

Speaker: Tuyen Dinh,

Custom Dynamo Script Usage, Tracking Nodes and Visualizing in Power BI

Tuesday 18th August, 2020 
1:00pm US Central District Time

Speaker: Timon Hazell,
Walter P Moore

Kick-start Revit Plugin Development, 19 coding techniques (Part 1 + 2)

Part 1: Thursday 20th August, 2020 
1:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Part 2: Friday 21st August, 2020 
1:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time

Speaker: Joshua Lumley,
Pedersen Read Consulting Electrical Engineers

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COVID-19 Update

20th May 2020

DBEI has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation around the world. While some parts of our society are beginning to open in baby-steps, none of us know how the situation will develop over the coming months. As such, DBEI has now made the decision to postpone all our 2020 events to 2021 as the well-being of all our partners and participants in our events remains our utmost priority. For new details on each region please visit our event pages. We have also sent communications to all registered attendees, speakers or sponsors for all of our 2020 events.

In the interim, DBEI will be launching several exciting virtual events and webinars in 2020 to continue to deliver the same expertise, insights and knowledge to the AEC industry during these uncertain times. We also have some other exciting initiatives we are working on to continue to provide value to our community, which we look forward to sharing with you all shortly.

We wish to thank you all for your support and appreciate your patience and understanding under the current circumstances and will continue to update our website and the community if there are any changes.

If you have any concerns or questions about our events please email us at