Collaboration and Case Studies: Your Session Guide to BILT Europe 2019

The BILT Europe program this year has been designed to cater all in the digital built environment. You might be more interested in technology, processes or policies, but there is one common aspect you can’t ignore or neglect – collaboration. We all know this isn’t a one man’s job, nor even a one team job and we all need to efficiently work together. It’s easier said than done, so what about joining this topic with real case studies? Make sure you join us this year at BILT Europe in Edinburgh to hear our hand-picked collaboration/case studies classes including:

Session 1.2 Planning and Construction of Complex Bridges Without Drawings: BILT Europe starts with a mind-blowing class about collaboration supported by a case study. This class will show you how Sweco managed the construction of 35 highway bridges, between designers, planners and builders purely based on 3D-Models and digital information, without a single drawing.

Session 1.3 Digital Adoption – A User-Experience Perspective: We spend many resources and hours, thinking on the best ways to collaborate with different disciplines and companies, but often forget about our own team!
A standard or workflow is only as good as it is followed, so Allies and Morrison developed their workflows, automations and standards, based on a internal user research and creating a detailed user profile. We highly recommend every digital adoption manager to attend this class to understand why and how to follow these principles in their work.

Session 1.4 From Project Information Model to Asset Information Model: Information management is fundamental in digital collaboration, playing a key role when we want to transfer data created in the project Information model (PIM) to the Asset information Model (AIM). Learn with this class, how to leverage processes and techniques to achieve the digital asset information delivery and the best practices to transition from PIM to AIM. WSP will share what they have learnt from some large-scale project case studies to give you the very best tips onto what to be avoided and improved in future project deliveries.

Session 1.5 Museum of The Future: Generative Design of a Structural Diagrid: This is one of those case studies you just can’t miss, because of its complexity; flexibility needed in the design process; and effective coordination and communication from the designers to the fabrication and assembly team. BuroHappold will be sharing their work, techniques and lessons learnt in this unique case study.

Session 2.2 Sagrada Familia Nativity Facade. As-Built Modelling and 2d Plans: Sagrada Familia sums it all. You can’t have a better case study than this UNESCO world heritage building from Antoni Gaudí. The complexity, beauty and astonishing details of this remarkable basilica, makes this a class you can’t miss. You will learn from Modelical the latest point-cloud and photogrammetry techniques used to survey this building, and all the post-processing methods to manage this gigantic amount of information and develop a 3D model and 2D details out of it.

Session 2.3 Open”BIMcollab”Oration: True collaboration comes when we can freely choose our own tools and platforms and work with each other through open Standards. We are in a digital era, we do work differently now, but it’s still about architecture, engineering construction and management and we can’t become hostages of the tools we use.  In this class, Fulton Trotter Architects will show us that this is possible and will share their experience in openBIM workflows, by sharing data and managing issues in open formats.

Session 2.4 Lessons from the (Air)Field: Pilot Project on Mobile 4d-Lean-Monitoring: We all know and understand the benefits of 4D-projects. Proper planning and simulation is always fundamental to prevent unnecessary costs during construction. This class goes beyond that, and will show us how to collaborate between builders and planners in 4D-monitoring, by reporting construction status through site apps. Züblin will share their findings and lessons learnt in a pilot project airfield office near Stuttgart, Germany.

Session 2.5 Edinburgh St James – One Data-Set Used Multiple Ways: A case study only a step away from the BILT Europe conference venue. Edinburgh St. James is one of the most relevant regeneration projects in Europe with its construction currently underway. It’s a full collaborative project, with complex information management across multiple work streams and a BIM strategy approach that needs to be projected in an 8-year project. This collaboration is happening even during the class, which is being shared by BDP, responsible for the BIM strategy and Laing O’Rourke who is the main contractor.

Session 3.1 Case Study of The Tonsberg Hospital Project: This class will share Multiconsult ASA experience in a major healthcare project, where collaboration was key. This was an award-winning project by BuildingSMART international, for being the best project in the category for design using open technology. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) was a key method and process for collaboration through the whole life-cyle and between all the parties involved.

Session 3.2 Designing the Home Advantage: Strategies and Tips for Stadium Design in BIM: I know it’s another point-cloud related class and from Modelical, but we aren’t only talking about building As-Built models. We are talking about surveys and model development for operation and renovation design. We will also learn in this class the complexities behind a stadium design and collaboration approaches covered in a BIM Execution Plan.

Session 3.3 H76 Headquarter: IoT and BIM Dynamic: This class is a perfect opportunity to learn from a real case study application of IoT for the Operation and Maintenance phase. It’s an openBIM collaboration project by Group Legendre, where Building Management Systems and QR codes are combined with 3D models, allowing an interconnected approach for the operation and maintenance of the building.

Session 3.4 Open Vs Closed BIM – Is IFC Really the Future? Interoperability and data exchange are one very relevant aspect in collaboration. IFC and openBIM workflows have always been pointed out as the solution for these problems and even though they have taken a bumpy road, it seems like they are now growing steady. This class will question if it’s too late for that and if there is a better and more effective approach for interaction between software’s and data exchange. This will be one for the books, so make sure you book your seat for this class!

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