Do you really Revit?

Once upon a time a long long time ago, BILT was a conference called Revit Technology Conference and was all about Revit. Revit was still pretty new (to most of us) and perhaps somewhat shiny, Dynamo didn’t yet exist and you could come along and spend three days learning all about families, groups, scheduling and tips for how to make your Revit better. You still want that? Fear not, whilst we now provide more and more classes, we still provide a ton of classes all about Revit. Sometimes a little more advanced, but sometimes we get a class submitted that just teaches the basics so well, we think its worthwhile for you to have as a refresher or as training material for your teams. Because there are still heaps of people out there who think that colour fills are BIM…

So you want to come to BILT to Revit, here is your schedule.

Session 1.2

2D schematics in a 3D world, Cameron Lindsay, Pedersen Read Consulting Electrical Engineers

Create a live schematic which refers to the model, reducing manual input of information and the possibility of errors – learn all about how families, parameters and tags can drive this output.

Session 1.3

Landscape Architecture Revit Workflows for Collaboration and Documentation, Kamran Mirza, Gensler

Like Interior Design, Landscape Architecture has been slow to take up Revit. Many architecture or mutli disciplinary practices have landscape architects working side by side with their team, still using different software. BIM managers – learn how to bring your landscape architects into the Revit world.

Session 1.4

Workshop: Objects on film! Model Content Planning, Keeley Pomeroy, AECOM

Whilst this class is not specific to Revit, you will Revit better if you plan your content at the outset.

Session 1.5

What the Health KOP (Kit of Part), Dominic Martens, STH

If you do roll out style projects, healthcare or interiors and use Revit then this class will be for you. Learn about how Revit and other tools can help you optimise your workflows for projects based upon kit of parts design.

Revit Schedules: Running Calculations ON TOTALS (without Dynamo or the API), Aaron Maller, Parallax Team

If you have been to many BILTs (or RTCs) and haven’t attended one of Aaron Maller’s classes, then now might be the time. This class looks like it will have some good content even for Revit Gurus – I’ve always wanted to be able to do this!

Session 2.2

Choosing your Standards from 50 Ways to Do That in Revit, Tim Waldock, RevitCat

One of our local Revit gurus this time, Tim Waldock always has a lot of great Revit tips and tricks, and that’s what this class is all about. Creating, modifying, views and schedules might seem basic, but we are sure there will be some great take away you can go home and start using straight away.

Lab: Revit for Mechanical Engineers (Throw away your PDFs), Andrew Bagnall, A.G. Coombs

One of the biggest benefits of Revit for mechanical, should be the ability for Revit to help with design and calculations – but first you have to get the mechanical engineers using it. If you are a mechanical engineer using Revit this will be a useful lab, but perhaps even more so for BIM managers looking to train engineers.

Session 2.3

Deciphering the language of Revit Warnings using Ideate Explorer, Richard Taylor, Ideate Software

Even for the experienced Revit users, warnings can be a bit mysterious. I’ll just say OK right? Learn what the warnings actually mean and different ways you can manage them, using Revit itself as well as other tools.

Session 2.4

Understand your audience before you train it: Revit training with a purpose, Monica Greco, Jasmax

Are you trying to figure out how to get people to attend your Revit training? Or how to get it to stick? Developing and delivering Revit training in-house can be challenging. Jasmax implemented a new training strategy with the help of online assessments from KnowledgeSmart, providing Revit learning material that is targeted to users’ development needs and career growth. Doors – the Key to Opening your Frame of mind, Glenn Sinclair, IGS BIM Solutions

If you don’t use doors regularly in whatever it is you do, you might think why are we running a class on something so basic. However I’m with Glenn on this one “Doors and door schedules continue to be a pain point for designers.” This presentation takes a fresh look at some traditional notions during design through to documentation, then provides the practical tips and workflows to back it up.

Session 2.5

Lab: Flex Your Families: Awesome Methods to Make Your Families Stretch and Flex, John Pierson, Parallax Team

You can always learn something new about families, especially from the gurus at Parallax. Learn how to make your Revit families stretch with grip handles that are visible in 3D and controllable like never before!

Session 3.1

Lab: MEP content that works, Dan Morrison, BIMtelligence

Mechanical. Electrical. Plumbing. Fire. These disciplines can have all the 3 dimensional complexity of Architectural or Structural (even more-so at times) but also have the added complexity of systems. How do you create content that achieves what it needs to do without perplexing your users?

Session 3.2
Revit Phasing from A to Z, Sash Kazeminejad, Ideate Software

Even if you think you know all about Phasing, you might get something out of this highly rated class from Sash Kazeminejad – and if you don’t personally, you’ll have a great training basis for your team or colleagues.

Session 3.3

Managing Multi-Discipline Projects deliverable’s in Revit, Darren Puglisi, AECOM

Anyone who has ever worked in a multi disciplinary Revit project knows there are whole lot of issues and tasks that just need to be sorted out. Regularly. Learn how to automate and manage many aspects of Multi-Discipline Projects.

Lab: Easy QA Views built in Revit that you can start using Monday morning, Shanoc Halliday, A2K Technologies

If you get to the last conference session, and you are looking for some quick take home tips, come to Shanoc’s lab and take home some tips to justify to your boss why you came to BILT.

Sound right up your alley? Make sure you register now and save your seat in these fantastic classes!

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