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I’ve been starting to look at helping my own practice learn Dynamo as I think this skill set (or similar ones) will be a key part of how we practice architecture moving into the future.  I was surprised that a single LinkedIn post on a Friday afternoon got over 5000 views by Saturday morning.  It made me realise we should be getting out there and telling you all about our Dynamo classes!

For the last few years, we have realised that Dynamo was becoming a big part of using Revit and the number of classes we have been offering in this space has been growing.  In previous years, we have never specifically highlighted the variety of dynamo classes we offer – from beginners to more advanced, covering both what you can do with dynamo (more presentation based) to learning exactly how to do it in a lab based setting.  You could almost do a three day Dynamo BILT if that’s what you are looking for (although some of these classes are for other advanced coding and automation techniques).

Session 1.2

Machine Learning across the asset lifecycle, Slaven Marusic, Aurecon

This isn’t Dynamo, but the whole next level of automation, how could Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence start to influence AEC?  Anyone interested in automation might be interested in this class  – unless you sign up for…

Automating Projects with Dynamo, Chris Pittman, Jacobs

This session is pretty clear from its title – “we’ll cover how to get time back in your day and automate the project tasks you didn’t want to do anyway!”

Session 1.3

Instant model (audit) data with Dynamo and Power BI, Monica Greco, Jasmax

Dynamo can really help you out with model auditing tasks, and Power BI can help you visualise what you are seeing.

Lab: PyRevit Extended (Double Lab), Russell Strange, Aurecon

Maybe you already consider yourself a Dynamo guru – what might be next?  Building your own ribbon with PyRevit of course.

Session 1.4

Thirty Interesting Ways to Improve Your Day with Dynamo, Ian Shaw, Peddle Thorp

Learn about Dynamo definitions and making the most of Dynamo Player.

Digital fabrication: Bridging the gap between concept & construction, Paul Wintour, Parametric Monkey

Another class not strictly about Dynamo, but might be of interest to many Dynamo users – this class is about using Grasshopper for parametric design thru to digital fabrication.

Session 1.5

Lab: Dynamo your way to multi-res success! Michael Dunn, Geocon

Want to streamline a lot of the repetitive requirements of documentation? Come to this lab and see a variety of things you can have Dynamo doing for you.

Session 2.2

Lab: The Power of Business Intelligence – PowerBI, Quoc Pham, Autonomation Pty Ltd

Already know Dynamo, how about PowerBI?  Add PowerBI to your tools list – find out about getting data, query data, visualising – all with a freely available tool.

Session 2.3

Lab: C# Code Basics 101: Matching your understanding to your goal, Jade Warner, JaecoET

Dynamo limits you to Revit coding, learning C# could open up so many more programs which deal in C# syntax (and the Revit API does too).

Session 2.4

Workflows on Rails, Quoc Pham, Bad Monkeys

Dynamo forms a part of the automation strategies employed on this 220km rail alignment project.

Session 2.5

Dynamo Protocols for Success – Standardising Dynamo Deployment, Scott Crichton, BVN

You use Dynamo but your team don’t? Learn how to ease the transition of non-technical users into the world of graphical programming.

Session 3.1

Lab: Parametric Façade Systems, using Dynamo & Revit, Setareh Motlagh, BIM Consulting

This class will use a real project to explore how to use Dynamo and Revit families to create a complex parametric façade system from early design stages right through to Construction Documentation.

Session 3.2

Lab: 5 Secrets of Revit API C# Coding, Joshua Lumley, Pedersen Read Ltd

C# allows you to create your own interface with the Revit API…apparently once you know how its easy!

Session 3.3

How to document a tower with over forty different floor plates? Maciej Wypych, Warren and Mahoney

Automation is easy when everything is the same…but real life is never like that.  This session will present a case study of a 43 story residential tower, where all floors are different.

Make sure you register now as these classes are all filling up fast!

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