Engineering your class selections for BILT NA

This week we asked the MEP and structural engineers of the BILT NA committee to take a look at our schedule of sessions and pick out what they are really looking forward to at this year’s Digital Built Week in Seattle. First up we have our chairman Bob Bell, an MEP engineer by origin, who is looking forward to these sessions:

Session 1.2 The Need for Speed with MEP Design: This class gets right to the heart of an issue facing many MEP design firms. How do you address unchanging fees with “doing more” in a modeling environment? This class will help many improve their efficiency in an area they may not have considered.

Session 1.4 Making MEPF Lean: This is a great follow-up to the earlier class, but will look at different areas to improve your bottom line in a modeling world.

Session 2.4 Advanced Luminaire Families for Renderings and Calculations: All too often, the lighting calculations for a project are done in a different environment by recreating the model. This class will show how improving the lighting fixture families in Revit can help avoid this needless duplicate modeling.

Session 3.1 Transitioning from an Electrical Design Model to a Construction Model: Does a construction model always need to be done in isolation from the design model? Are there ways to improve the design model in such a way to make it easier to evolve it into a construction model? I feel that this class will be of interest to all MEP folks, not just electrical.

Session 3.4 Generative MEP in HYPAR: Are you jealous of demos of generative design being about improving architectural design? I know I am! So I will love seeing this session looking at the topic from an MEP perspective.

We also have structural superstar Desiree Mackey who has her thoughts on structural classes this year including:

Session 1.3 BIM 360 Design Workflow for Revit, RSA, Advance Steel, and Dynamo – From the beginning, the most prominent question in the minds of structural engineers is how to link analytical models to documentation models.  If this is how we are finally going to do it well, then this class is a must-see.

Session 1.5 Panel: Ask Revit Anything – This is a staple for any Revit user.

Session 2.2 Automating Structural Slab Design using Dynamo and Revit – This is another one that integrates analysis and design, and is sure to be interesting for any structural engineer who does this sort of design.

Session 2.3 & 2.4 Double Lab: A Better Structural Workflow: Integrated Design, Analysis, and Detailing – This is on the same theme of integrating several parts of a structural engineer’s workflow, but in a lab format for those engineers who prefer that style of learning.

Sesssion 2.4 Roundtable: Is Computational Design for Everyone – Often the new trends are initially aimed at disciples other than engineering, so this discussion may be a good fit for any structural engineers who wonder if computational design could benefit their workflows.

Session 2.5 Effective Way to Work with Steel Connections in Revit 2019 – if any structural engineers have not yet played with the steel connection tools, this class will be a great introduction.

Session 3.1 An Intro to Getting Dynamo to Talk with RAM Structure Using the API – This is another on the theme of analysis, and it is Marcello, so get a seat in this class while they last!

Session 3.4 The Complete Life of Rebar – This will be a comprehensive look at the design and construction process for rebar, which is something relevant for all structural engineers.

Sound of interest? Make sure you check out the full schedule here!

Hurry get your tickets in quick before these sessions run out!

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