How to get your abstract selected!

BILT Asia 2020 Abstracts Are Open!

Speaking at conferences builds your profile while enhancing your personal brand and professional value. This is your chance to get on a stage and be recognised as a leader in BIM, Virtual Design and Construction, Integrated Digital Delivery, and all aspects of Digital Implementation!

The committee receives over 200 submissions which are all individually reviewed. We wanted to share some tips to make sure your submission is compelling enough to be noticed and increase your chances of getting selected.

It helps to think of conferences as an investment in future revenue. How will that revenue be recovered? By the delegate learning something that will save them, their co-workers, and their company time and money, or by helping create a better experience for customers.

Would you like to submit an abstract that’s more likely than not to get selected? It’s not really that hard. Once you register, there’s five key fields that’ll help your session get selected or rejected. Let’s focus on these:

Field 1 – Abstract Title:

This is your title. It should clearly describe the value of the session, but keep the title brief and succinct!

Field 2 – Abstract Synopsis:

Your abstract synopsis should be one paragraph. It should describe a problem that costs your audience time, money and simply say that you have a solution. Jokes and sarcasm are not always a great combination as they can create uncertainty, rather than confidence, in your topic.

Field 3 – Abstract Body:

Describe how your session will save your audience time, money and be of interest. Don’t go into a great amount of detail or copy/paste your entire presentation. Keep it brief. Long abstracts are a red flag to reviewers that you don’t know how to get to the point, which is bad. Your abstract only needs to be about as long as this paragraph. Focus on Problems and Solutions!

Field 4 – Key Learning Objectives:

What are the 3 main points attendees will take away from the session? What will they learn?

Field 5 – Tell us about your speaking experience:

Tell us about yourself! Where do you work and what do you do? How does your experience intersect with the topic you would like to present? Have you spoken at other events before?

In this field you are trying to establish some credibility with the review committee. Professionalism matters. We may take a look at your LinkedIn profile if we haven’t already met you at one of our other events, so make sure that’s up to date as well!

Remember, this conference is for users, by users. We need your participation, but there are a limited number of slots available. I hope these tips are helpful and we look forward to receiving your submission by 1 September!

Submit your abstract here!

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