Interoperability: the next theme of DBEI Insight

Interoperability is arguably one of the most contested and argued topic. Which software platform is the best platform in different scenarios? What is the best way to exchange and deliver data for my deliverables?

When projects require upwards of 200 distinct software packages to get out the door, the best processes and procedures depend on reliable and lossless data transfer between many critical design, management, and delivery environments.

In this next series of DBEI Insight webinars, we look at the best tools and techniques to transport critical data through sophisticated workflows to support diverse projects. With a focus on practical, repeatable solutions, our speakers will show you how to leverage each software platform for its strengths while maintaining in its deliverables through its transfer to other environments for analysis and elaboration. Sometimes the most difficult part of a owning a large toolbox is knowing what to use when and how to make all the tools work best together. Join us to find out how you can get the most from your software portfolio by ensuring each software title reinforces the rest through interoperability.

Sound interesting? Check out the sessions below. If the LIVE time doesn’t suit you, register to the session and watch the recording at any point over the 7 days following for complimentary access.


Tuesday, 30th June, 2020 
1:00pm Central European Summer Time

: Luis Fraguada, 
Mc Neel and Associates


Thursday, 2nd July, 2020 
1:00pm Singapore Time

: Scott Beazley, Geometry Gym

An Intro to Using Grasshopper and Rhino inside Revit

Tuesday, 7th July, 2020 
1:00pm Central District Time

: Marcello Sgambelluri, Advanced Technology

Disclosing Infrastructure OpenBIM

Thursday, 9th July, 2020 
Australian Eastern Standard Time

: Jon Mirtschin, Geometry Gym

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