Meet the new members of the Data Day committee

By Nelly Nawabi

It is with great honor and sadness that we announce the changing of the guard for the committee of DBEI’s Data Day. Today we say farewell to our founding member and beloved chair of the Data Day events, David Haynes.  

David has been a driving force within the DBEI community, promoting the importance of data management, and strategies with data within AEC firms, and has been leading this area of expertise for the past five years. We are happy to announce long-standing committee member, Tammy Adolf has taken up the mantle as the new Data Day Chair. To join Tammy and Arif Hanif on the Committee, we welcome two new members: Andrew Cole of Curios Strategies and Moses Scott of Sheehan Nagle Hartray. We are all excited to see what the future holds for the Data Day community. 

Find out more about each team member below. 

Tammy Adolf 

Tammy is a Business Solutions Analyst in Stantec’s Buildings Digital Practice team, who specializes in integrated design data management, project processes, and procedures. She’s been in the AEC industry for 16 years and resides on Pender Island in British Columbia.

She gained an interest in the committee back in 2016 when she attended her first Data Day event and officially joined as a committee member in 2017. With the addition of new members in the team, Tammy is looking forward to new perspectives and sharing the different ideas that come from the varied backgrounds and experiences of the committee members. The transition to chair has brought with it new opportunities to connect with the audience in a different way. She hopes to keep the community engaged with the virtual events happening this year. We welcome Tammy as our new chair for Data Day. 

Andrew Cole 

Andrew is a founding partner at Curios Strategies, focused on providing strategic planning services for healthcare clients. With a Master’s in Architecture, he has experience providing global healthcare clients with planning support through interactive and dynamic scripts to assist their design decision making. Andrew has also been an advocate for the use of automating simple design tasks to focus energy on solving more complicated and intriguing design problems. He has previously worked with Stantec, BBB Architects, and Base Associates before transitioning to a principal role at Curios Strategies.  

Data Day’s goal closely aligns with his passion for pushing the conversation in the AEC industry; about how we would like to deploy the term and product that we refer to as ‘data’. As such, Andrew was ecstatic to have the opportunity to help facilitate this and thereby highlighting the empowering nature of data. We welcome Andrew’s knowledge and experience to the Data Day committee. 

Moses Scott 

Moses is the Digital Technology Applications & Data Analytics Specialist at Sheehan Nagle Hartray in Chicago. Sheehan Nagle Hartray focuses on Mission Critical Facilities, especially large data center complexes in the United States and Europe. Moses said the reason for joining is because he saw the team’s passion for the “I” in BIM, which is information. Data Day is a unique experience that focuses on data as a business process.  

Speaking to DBEI about his newly appointed role, Moses shared his excitement and pride in learning best practices for data management in the AEC industry.  

His long-term goal in this new role is to help break down the information silos in the industry by showing the value of data visualization and data management to all stakeholders. Concepts such as Machine Learning and Business Intelligence are starting to demonstrate that our work processes can be streamlined and optimized; which allows us to reduce waste, reduce redundancy, and put the focus on where we as professionals provide unique value. We welcome Moses’ knowledge and experience to the Data Committee.  

Arif Hanif

Arif currently works for Affiliated Engineers, Inc. out of their Metro DC office. As a member of the national custom development group, Arif is a leader in the implementation and support of new processes and technology throughout the organization. The range of practice for this team is focused on (but not limited to) process mapping, workflow documentation, data analysis, desktop and web application development. Arif is a technology enthusiast with a mechanical engineering degree from Ryerson University and is a registered professional engineer in multiple states.

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