Pop the Champagne cork!

Are you starting to get excited yet with Digital Built Week North America now just weeks away? We are too! And we still have so much news and announcements to share with you! Today’s blog post is about the evening events – held by many to be one of the best aspects of the conference, […]

Sponsor Spotlight – Benjamin Glunz, BIMsmith

This week we had a chat with Benjamin Glunz, CEO of BIMSmith and Anguleris Technologies to talk all things BIM and what he is looking forward to at this year’s Digital Built Week! Ben will be joining us at this year’s event as both a speaker and as our Sponsor for the Saturday Night Gala […]

Communications: Are they Listening?

The Design Technology Summit will kick off July 17, 2019, in Seattle Washington. I hope you were able to get your application submitted in time before all the spots were accepted and filled. Yes! We did sell out this year, and we anticipate a lively, thought-provoking discussion. I look forward to seeing everyone. If you […]

The DBEI Open Door Tour

Extra seats now available by popular demand, Digital Built Week will be hosting an open door tour of select Seattle firms! Bus transfers included and include a half hour at each location. Cost: $25 Date: Wednesday 17 July 2019 (the day before BILTna) When: 1pm  – 5pm We’ll have 4 hours to listen and learn […]

Meet our BCS Roundtable Host, Adam Murray

Tell us about YOU?   Since a very young age I was curious about how things were put together. And as many young children do, I explored that question best by taking things apart. Ever since then I have only worked to develop greater methods of questioning everyday practice and how it works. I have a […]

Meet our Data Day Speaker, Ryan Cameron

Who are YOU? As an architect with a passion for design and data, I find myself helping others around the world take a dive into the world of design technology. I am often quoted in the industry with the phrase, “The leaders will be movers of data that create and enhance architectural spaces that elevate […]

Say Hello to the 2019 Data Day Committee

Did you know – The 2019 Data Day Committee is comprised of 4 unique individuals from 3 different countries?Did you know – The 2019 Data Day Committee started planning the July 2019 event in September 2018?  Want to know more about us?  Read on! David Haynes Data Day Chair since 2017 Director, Ideate, Inc. Resides […]

RTC to Digital Built Environment Institute: A New Era

Our History The legacy of the RTC name, and the Revit Technology Conference series, began when we were truly a Revit focussed event, back when we ran our first conference in 2005. The members of RUGs had grown very close-knit, and wanted something more than just a drink or two once a month. The sense of […]

Meet Mark Mergenschroer our Data Day Speaker!

Who are YOU (the person)?  I am entering my 24th year in the industry and have recently moved into the role of Customer Success Engineer for the Autodesk BIM 360 Ops Software.  I work with customers on the successful integration of the BIM 360 Ops solution, leading pre-sales opportunities with construction firms and owners, speaking […]

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