Biggest and Best

This is now my third year writing this blog for BILT and every year I always write about how this will be the best BILT ANZ ever.  This is not just because my role on the committee is to market the event – but because I really do believe it’s true!  The committee and the events team […]

Introducing Cloud A2K

While a lot of our readers will be familiar with A2K, Cloud A2K is a new group.  What is Cloud A2K? As part of the A2K expansion and partnership with RIB, A2K has made a decision to structure multiple business streams to ensure that all customer needs are met and that all products are managed […]

Digital Built Week North America – Discover the Future of BIM Technology

For anyone working in design or construction or as asset owners and managers, we can no longer ignore the fact that technology is a key part of designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure – and the pace of change and new technological advances will only get faster. Whatever your role, you need to have some […]

Sharing Is Caring: Help Grow the BILT Community

BILT is a community of like minded people trying to solve problems to create better buildings and infrastructure. We’d like to help you introduce the BILT community to other like minded professionals. And we’d like to reward 50 of you for your effort to help get the word out. Here’s how it works: The first […]

Plenaries and Panels

Well it has taken us a little longer than last year to get our plenary sessions squared away, but we have two fantastic speakers for you for both our main plenary sessions. We also have some high-profile industry influencers banding together on a panel to discuss government’s role in shaping our industry. Day 1 Keynote […]

Hack the Future of AEC

This year for the first time Digital Built Week North America will include a hackathon to kick off the week in Seattle on Sunday and Monday July 14th and 15th, sponsored by BILT’s Global Diamond Sponsor, Autodesk. Aligning with the new generative design stream of classes, the theme of the event will be “Generative Design […]

BIM, Bam, Boom: the Legal Implications of Making Design Better

By Catherine MacInnis, Associate General Counsel, IBI Group Inc.    Design technology is not new. Humans have been improving and innovating the  ways  in  which  we  create  stuff  for  millennia.  BIM  is, however, proving to be one of the most impactful and disruptive technologies in a long line of advancements that simply began with early humans […]

Is it time to review your choices?

It is that time of year again.  Registrations for Digital Built Week (DBW) have been open for a month, you raced through your registration to try and get that first registration prize, and now it is time to actually evaluate your sessions and figure out what to attend.  The bad news is that there is […]

Announcing winners of the inaugural BILT scholarships program

Every year we try to come up with ways to make BILT better than ever.  We also try to come up with ways to attract a diverse range of delegates.  This year, one of our particular focuses was how to attract more women and increase diversity.  Our scholarships program was developed as a way to […]

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