Ready, Set, Register!

Registration opens March 18 and we couldn’t be more excited! What ever you do, don’t wait till registration opens to ask your director about attending BILT NA in Seattle. Queue the conversation this week so you’re ready to register the moment registration goes live. Classes should be posted early next week so you’ll be able […]

Do you really Revit?

Once upon a time a long long time ago, BILT was a conference called Revit Technology Conference and was all about Revit. Revit was still pretty new (to most of us) and perhaps somewhat shiny, Dynamo didn’t yet exist and you could come along and spend three days learning all about families, groups, scheduling and […]

Increasing demand for digital transformation is changing the interaction between the built environment and people today.

As Singapore embarks on its Smart Nation journey, the 2nd edition of Smart Buildings Conference organised by REDAS (Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore) and RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) will bring together over 14 prominent market leaders on 6 March 2019 and deep-dive into the government’s strategies and activities on how to transform […]

Where Have All The Classes Gone?

Well this is looks concerning. The BLUE classes represent the 2019 program (by session type) as overall percentage. And the GREEN tags represent the 2018 program. What’s seems the problem? With the exception of the Structure session type, every session type has decreased by percentage compared to 2019. Sure – Business Strategy and Leadership is […]

The Chosen Ones

Now that the acceptance letters for the BILT NA conference in July 2019 have gone out let’s talk about what we do after we select proposals in order to make sure that we have a balanced conference schedule. After we’ve selected proposed abstracts during the workshop (about 4 months before the conference) we need to […]

The Data Explosion

For years we have heard that data is exploding at a rate that is unprecedented.  The common information point is that more data has been created in the last two years than the previous history of the human race.  The other information point is that we create 1.7 MB of new data every second for […]

What’s A Manufacturer To Do?

I was recently visiting a customer who specializes in design services for labs. During the conversation they relayed their frustration with many manufacturer supplied BIM content. Some lack the basics such as providing a consistent Manufacturer Name and URL in the designated parameter fields that drives their integrated schedule. Sounds like BIM 101. It’s frustrating […]

Your New Hub for all things BILT

It is with great pleasure that we announce and unveil our new Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) website, it is on this site that you will now find all the information you need for all our events including; BILT, Data Day, Building Content Summit and Design Technology Summit as well as the new blog/news section, and sponsorship information.  As discussed […]

It’s (Not) All Fun and Games

Nearly 380 abstracts were submitted for the 2019 conference (BCS, DTS, Data Day and BILT). We have around 110 slots to fill. Simple math tells us that for every accepted abstract, 3.5 people are going to be disappointed. It’s actually higher than that when you consider there’s a few sessions that’ll have the same speaker. […]

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