All signs point (cloud) to Valencia

Laser scanning the BILT Europe 2022 conference venue Have you ever come across a mystery target like this one? Maybe someone was laser scanning the building! At DBEI, we are committed to promoting the use and development of the latest digital technologies. In partnership with Clearedge3D, a global Gold Sponsor, we commit to deliver a high-accuracy […]

Democratizing BIM-BuildingSMART Spain at BILT Europe

Two years ago, I was in Valencia supporting the Digital Built Environment Institute team to prepare for the BILT EUROPE event, when the pandemic and lockdown arrived.  During these two years we have lost family, friends, and our lives have been filled with restrictions. But after the storm, there is always a calm, and two […]

Committee Workshop: BILT ANZ 2022

While you might have been scrolling Facebook memories from past BILT events, on the last weekend in May, our BILT ANZ committee gathered at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast to begin planning for our November event.  Our committee has long been used to the idea of remote work, we only gather in person […]

BILT ANZ 2022: Announcing Women in BIM (WIB)

We are pleased to announce our first industry support for BILT ANZ 2022 in November is Women in BIM! Women in BIM (WIB) and BILT have a relationship stretching back over a number of years based upon our common goal to improve the representation of women in BIM and digital design and engineering.  For BILT […]

BILT ANZ 2021 Chairman’s Wrap

It is with a deep breath and a long pause that I start to write this event wrap.  I’d have written it sooner but I was one of a handful of people who were lucky enough to come home with more than just their luggage, following the event.  But more on that later.  I am […]

This is why thought-leaders go to DTS

The Design Technology Summit at Digital Built Week offers a great opportunity to learn, discuss challenges and so much more but sometimes it is not easy to explain why it’s so important to go to the event to those who ask.   We’re making it as easy for you to make your case to attend with […]

BILT ANZ 2021 – TOP 10!

As always, one of our most popular posts is our post event Top 10.  However, this time round, it was really really hard for us to rank our speakers – everyone was THAT GOOD!  Seriously, our speaker rankings have never been higher, and we thank all of the speakers who participated for their amazing work […]

Meet the Committee PART II (ANZ Edition)

Next up in part II of this series is Ceilidh Higgins, Marketing Guru within the BILT ANZ Committee. Ceilidh Higgins If you could travel to any city in the world right now, where would you go?Right now, my family is keen to go back to Singapore.  We had a few days stopover there in 2019 […]

Discussing Design Technology trends

DTS gets the right people in the room to have a substantive conversation on Design Technology trends in the AEC. Participants in the annual Design Technology Summit walk away with a greater understanding of the scope of the AEC industry’s technology challenges and opportunities. This is because DTS is a collection of focused participatory conversations […]

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