Extended Reality (XR): The Thirteenth Chapter of DBEI Insight

Enhancement of sensory perception using photorealistic rendering and computer altered reality experiences. These techniques have merits for realist design exploration for clients and project stakeholders; improved communication, collaboration and analysis of building design and functional aspects; digital fabrication, manufacturing and assembly; increased accuracy and efficiency in the construction site; health and safety planning and training; […]


By DTS Committee Member: Robert Manna It’s hard to believe that as I write this article summing up the DTS 2020 Online event, almost all of us have been cooped up in our homes to a degree for the last nine months (three quarters of a year!), and so far, It doesn’t feel as though […]

Introducing Enscape 2.9: Create Unique Design Experiences and Visualizations 

Join this webinar on November 10 to experience and understand the value real-time visualization brings to the architectural and design workflow. Discover the latest features that have been released with Enscape 2.9, including the Custom Asset Library, video textures, displacement maps and other new features and product enhancements.  Introducing Enscape 2.9: Create Unique Design Experiences and Visualizations Tuesday November 10, 9am […]


Civil Infrastructures are all facilities and systems helping society to function, connecting buildings, people and nature, for both public and private projects. Our speakers will address challenges and solutions in the use of digital technology and BIM in Civil Infrastructure to create roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, water and energy supply, waste treatment, communications networks, airports, […]

Construction: The Eleventh Chapter of DBEI Insight

Construction is where the rubber meets the road, where Design Development ideas become reality, and where project costs and time schedules need hawking over for efficient execution on the ground. Meet the latest tools and techniques for installation of temporary structures, scaffolding and castings in situ, continuous clash detections and resolutions, and Project Management of […]


The Paris Climate Agreement set in motion sustainability targets with the vast majority of countries putting action plans in place, but what does that mean for the Built Environment industry? We talk not only about idealistic smart and sustainable cities, energy simulations of any sort, pre-fabrication modules, manufacturing production and disassembly, transportation and mobility, and […]

BCS AEC Practitioner Series Wrap Up

By BCS Committee Members: Melissa Thiessens, Chad Clary & Randall Stevens Building Content Summit Online – AEC Practitioner series took place last month and attracted over 70 attendees. Each session kicked off with a presentation and was followed by an interactive roundtable. Thank you our fantastic speakers – Rob van het Hof, Christopher Shafer, Brian […]

BCS Manufacturers Series Wrap Up

By BCS Committee Members: Mike Collins, Jim Conger & Randall Stevens The first-ever BCS Online – Manufacturers Series took place in September 2020 and attracted over 200 attendees, mostly from a manufacturing background.   Thank you to our fantastic speakers for making the event a successful one. We’d also like to thank our Gold Sponsor of the series, BIMobject, for their continued support.  Over the course of four weeks […]

Legal: The Ninth Chapter of DBEI Insight

Even with the industries increasing digital maturity level and awareness regarding BIM procurement and delivery, there remains the potential for arising legal issues, including, intellectual property rights, the responsibility of delivery and other litigation risks. Understanding the correct procurement process for your project, outlining the information requirements, who is responsible for delivery of what, when […]

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