Digitize your construction workflows: a necessity for contemporary companies

For construction, the greatest challenge still remains project delivery: learn more about the vital role accurate positioning plays in boosting efficiency. In their upcoming webinar on March 2, Adam Box, Business Development Manager Vertical Construction for Topcon and Robert Klaschka, Director of EvrBilt, will be sharing an insight into how to ensure a reliable and […]

Digital twins: Envisioning the present, planning the future

As real-time visualization technology has evolved, so have our uses for it. Many companies are starting to make use of digital twins to monitor structures and equipment. A digital twin is a 3D model of a real entity—a building, a city, a vehicle—that not only looks like the real thing, but also acts like it. […]

Finding Value in Your Inspiration: DTS Dialogs

Brad Novak, DTS Committee This past year, more than ever, our firms have been propelled forward technologically. Opportunities arose which inspired us to look for creative solutions.  The opportunity came from a staff member saying, “I wish we had a…”.  It came from a client saying, “I need to see the data…”.  It came from a consultant or department head saying, “We could save a lot of time if…”.  As Design Technology Leaders, we see these opportunities […]

Insights on GIS Enabling Digital Twins in AEC

Esri discussion with Steven Karan, GHD; George Floros, Skanska Infrastructure; John Turner, Gafcon; and Mike Krois, Vail Resorts Esri recently met with leaders from four companies to talk about the importance of digital twins and their impact on the built and natural world. The firms are involved in the planning, engineering, building, and operating of […]

Leveraging Real-Time Visualisation to Communicate Design

Some architects and designers find traditional visual representation challenging, as it’s often disconnected from the design process. But how we visualize design is changing thanks to advances in real-time visualization technology. This next generation of visualization technology leverages advances in graphics cards and the same rendering technology that you find in today’s high-end video games […]

Happy Holidays from DBEI

Congratulations! As you read this, 2020 (the year that we all wish wasn’t….) is drawing to a rapid close. You made it! This year really has had it all: disease, fires, floods, economic disruption, political unrest, black knights and more. I hesitate to suggest what hasn’t happened, because 2020 would probably respond with “Ahah! I […]

Velvet Ruts: Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs

Velvet Ruts; Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs Jan. 19, 2021! Greetings everyone, we hope that your year is wrapping as best it possibly can – given the ongoing global events. To kick off 2021, the DTS Committee is pleased to introduce DTS Dialogs. Attendance to the Dialogs will be open to all members of the […]

Next Generation: The final chapter of DBEI Insight

Upcoming trends and emerging technologies for 2021 (and beyond?) in the realm of digital transformation in the AECO industry. It applies to processes, standards, hardware, software, robotics, computer science, work environment, skills or even gadgets, if they have a place of use in this industry. Existing or older technologies or methodologies that will finally take […]

4 Lessons from IT Leaders of High Achieving Firms

We recently asked the heads of IT of 4 high achieving and highly resilient AEC firms to talk about the secrets to their success. Not only are these firms at the top of their game professionally, each of them has come through COVID shutdowns in great shape. Here’s how they did it.   Focus on Delivering […]

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