Say Hello to the 2019 Data Day Committee

Did you knowThe 2019 Data Day Committee is comprised of 4 unique individuals from 3 different countries?
Did you knowThe 2019 Data Day Committee started planning the July 2019 event in September 2018? 
Want to know more about us?  Read on!

David Haynes Data Day Chair since 2017
Director, Ideate, Inc.

Resides in Anacortes, WA

Who are YOU (the person)?
I have been Data Day Chairpersons (2017-2019) as well as Data Day committee member for the very first Data Day in 2016. My wife and I are empty nesters who moved recently to the coastal community of Anacortes (about half way between Seattle and Vancouver , BC). In the bio pictures is our do Toby during a family vacation to the Washington Coast.
I have worked as an Architect, General Contractor, Developer and Owner of buildings over my 35-year career.  Presently I work for Ideate, who develops great Revit add-ins including Ideate BIM Link.  During my 15 years with Ideate I have worked with customers to gain business advantages using BIM data.

What do you feel is most lacking in our industry currently? And how do you think this can be changed?
Lacking in our industry is the use of project data to drive business decisions.  “Without data you’re just another person with an opinion” – William Denning.  Our clients want our consultation/expertise to make those crucial business decisions.  Without data gathering, analysis, and excellent visualization, we are just expressing an opinion.
One of the many drivers for the creation of Data Day as part of BILT NA was the concept that the AECO community was just starting to develop strategic project data but lacked the conceptual and procedural understanding of data analysis.  Our event, Data Day, is for everyone who deals with building data, whether you are just starting the journey, or work daily with data and want to understand where the industry is heading in the future.

Jacki Phillips Data Day Event Manager since 2017
Event Manager, RTC Events Management

Resides in Sydney, Australia

Who are YOU (the person)?
I am an event manager for RTC Events Management. I am also a Mother of two young children – a three year old boy (Zach) and an almost five year old girl (Ellie). I grew up in Sydney where we now live after having spent several years in London (where I met my Husband) and one year in Seoul, South Korea. The memories of living overseas will always be etched in my mind as they were full of adventures, however I am very happy to be back in Sydney. I love travel and I am thankful I get to travel with my job. This year for work I have traveled to Shanghai, Bangkok and in July it will be Seattle!

What interests you outside of work?
Bushwalks and the beach are the activities my family and I enjoy outside of work. We are very lucky to have an abundance of beaches and national parks in Sydney, so there are endless options. 

Tammy Adolf Data Day Committee since 2017
Business Solutions Analyst, Stantec

Resides on Pender Island, British Columbia

Who are YOU (the person)?
I am a pragmatic INTJ, which means I can be perceived as blunt or direct, but also means I can see problems and solutions from multiple perspectives, making for a great troubleshooter and devil’s advocate. I currently have 8 tattoos (visibility varies depending on the weather 😊).

In 2017 my husband and I moved from the suburbs of Vancouver to Pender Island, which is a small southern gulf island in the pacific northwest with a year-round population of less than 2500. We have 3 dogs (2 senior Pug sisters, and a Frenchton puppy, pictured).

What interests you outside of work?
I love movies, and my husband and I run a micro movie theatre as a weekend hobby/business because the closest theatre to where we live requires a ferry trip and most of a day to get there and back.

Arif Hanif Data Day Committee since 2018
Custom Development
Resides in Washington DC

What interests you outside of work?
Outside of work I love to spend time with my wife and two kids. I love watching and coaching them in their activities which are karate, swimming, tee ball, soccer and girl scouts. When I get time to myself I love working on projects around the house, I just completed building a shed from the ground up, next up is building a fire pit and BBQ area in the backyard.

What do you feel is most lacking in our industry currently? And how do you think this can be changed?
I feel like I feel our industry does not utilize the data that is being generated in our industry, we are very slow to adopt data driven design and learning from our past design in a more structured way. We are very risk averse when implementing new methods and processes even if they lead to a better outcome. This can be changed by informing the leaders of our industry that they need to look to other industries to learn from them about digital transformation and data driven design.

We ALL look forward to saying ‘Hello’ at Data Day, July 17-18 in Seattle soon!

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