BILT Europe 2022 Announcement

Dear BILT community. We have made the decision to postpone our 2022 event until November in response to a general feeling from the community that the original May dates were too soon. These new dates will allow us to run the best event possible and ensure we provide the best experience for everyone involved. It’s […]

This is why thought-leaders go to DTS

The Design Technology Summit at Digital Built Week offers a great opportunity to learn, discuss challenges and so much more but sometimes it is not easy to explain why it’s so important to go to the event to those who ask.   We’re making it as easy for you to make your case to attend with […]

Discussing Design Technology trends

DTS gets the right people in the room to have a substantive conversation on Design Technology trends in the AEC. Participants in the annual Design Technology Summit walk away with a greater understanding of the scope of the AEC industry’s technology challenges and opportunities. This is because DTS is a collection of focused participatory conversations […]

Services Down

How many of you were affected by the Amazon Web Services outages in December that brought many cloud services, including Autodesk’s BIM 360 service (a key collaboration tool for many AEC North American projects) to a screeching halt? What did your staff do with their time? How much work was lost? With so many components […]

Velvet Ruts: Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs

Velvet Ruts; Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs Jan. 19, 2021! Greetings everyone, we hope that your year is wrapping as best it possibly can – given the ongoing global events. To kick off 2021, the DTS Committee is pleased to introduce DTS Dialogs. Attendance to the Dialogs will be open to all members of the […]


By DTS Committee Member: Robert Manna It’s hard to believe that as I write this article summing up the DTS 2020 Online event, almost all of us have been cooped up in our homes to a degree for the last nine months (three quarters of a year!), and so far, It doesn’t feel as though […]

In the shoes of…

By Vickie Harris “What would you do if you were in my shoes?” is a question most us of have been asked at least once or twice in our lifetime but has anyone ever considered how powerful or thought provoking the question is?  Many times, we think it is easy to relate to someone’s situation […]

Soup Du Jour

By Craig Barbieri Change is one of many responses to extreme challenges, and often happens only out of necessity rather than desire. Working from home is a great example of this. Once regarded as unusual or a privilege, it has become a necessity in a remarkably short period of time. I don’t think anyone would […]

Digital Transformation at a Moment’s Notice: The rest of your questions answered!

I am so thrilled to announce that registration for the DTS Online discussion sessions has opened!   We kicked off DTS Online in mid-June with a panel discussion Digital Transformation at a Moment’s Notice featuring Natasha Luthra (Jacobs), Brian Skripac (CannonDesign), Tomislav Zigo (Clayco), Alexandra Pollock (fxcollaborative). Our panelists provided great feedback on how their companies were doing with […]

Design Technology Summit Goes Online

By Robert Manna (DTS Chairperson) Greetings everyone! I started writing this blog post in March when we were about “three weeks in” as I put it. As I said then, we find ourselves… in a very different atmosphere. We knew COVID-19 would reach North America, but I think none of us were truly prepared for […]

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