Reality Capture: The Seventh Chapter of DBEI Insight

Reality Capture is playing an important part within the AEC industry, allowing the capture of accurate data about real-world conditions throughout the full lifecycle of a project. As the technologies have advanced, so has the awareness of the benefits to projects. No longer are we seeing reality capture focused on providing the quick analysis of […]

Introducing Building Content Summit Online

As an AEC Professional, Why Should I Attend? The AEC practitioner segment of BCS focuses on the fundamental content used daily by AEC professionals; covering all phases of the BIM content life cycle – from content acquisition, organizational strategies and asset management, creation and modeling methods to data inclusion, pushing into construction, operations, and facility […]

Standards: The Fourth Chapter of DBEI Insight

The great thing about standards is that there are so many of them! Whether your firm is working a tightly specified contract or with a new multi-firm project team for the first time, without standards of data exchange and deliverables you’ll sink a lot of time and money in reconciling what you’re making with what […]

Interoperability: the next theme of DBEI Insight

Interoperability is arguably one of the most contested and argued topic. Which software platform is the best platform in different scenarios? What is the best way to exchange and deliver data for my deliverables?

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