Sharing Is Caring: Help Grow the BILT Community

BILT is a community of like minded people trying to solve problems to create better buildings and infrastructure. We’d like to help you introduce the BILT community to other like minded professionals. And we’d like to reward 50 of you for your effort to help get the word out.

Here’s how it works:

The first 50 people to follow us and share our content on Twitter AND LinkedIn will receive one of the 3 following prizes:

  • A $50 Amazon gift card
  • A $50 food and beverage voucher for the Hyatt Regency including use at the bar (the voucher must be associated with an accommodation room under the same name)
  • A single entry ticket to the space needle.

At the end of this blog post, simply select the “+1” button for each option. You’ll be asked to log into Twitter and LinkedIn (if you’re not already). Simply fill out the form indicating which prize you’d prefer and share. It’s really that simple!

Please continue to share BILT and we’ll all grow together! 🙂

Get started with the links below!

Digital Built Week North America 2019 Social Share Competition

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