Speaker Spotlight: Laura Keyser

Content, Coordination, Collaboration

That’s not only a lot of C’s, but also the subject of the roundtable I’ll be leading at this year’s Building Content Summit.  “Coordination Between Disciplines” (Friday, July 19 at 3:00) is an offshoot from a BILT 2018 panel discussion of the same name.  While moderating the panel, it was clear that several topics addressed were deep enough to stand as their own sessions for Digital Built Week 2019.

Most of us would agree that well-developed content in a building model can add value for team members throughout design and construction.  Content with accurate information and dimensions may highlight design coordination issues early in a project.  Content developed collaboratively with consultants may eliminate duplicate modeling efforts.  Content modeled by a trade partner with field knowledge may illustrate coordination items before field installation.  After gaining insight on content and coordination, I’ll be turning around and leading a BILT presentation “BEP to PEP” (Saturday, July 20 at 10:45) for the second offshoot from last year’s panel discussion. 

As much as I love talking with fellow BIM enthusiasts about modeling, software, workflows, content, and planning, I always try to take some extra time after BILT to do some exploring around the event location.   I’m taking advantage of this year’s venue to spend a few technology-free days on the Olympic Peninsula (see featured image). 

See you in Seattle!


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