Sponsor Spotlight: HVE ConneXions

Who are you – tell us what you really do and help us to get to know you a little bit better (I.e. what got you excited last Wednesday?)
I am Justin Lindsey, Director of Sales Engineering for HVE ConneXions. I have more than 12 years of experience working with our clients to architect IT solutions that improve efficiency and solve issues at all levels of their organizations.

What’s interesting to you outside of your work?
Outside of work I’m avid watcher of MotoGP racing and European soccer. I have a passion for exploring and eating my way across the world.

What do you feel is most lacking in our industry currently? And how do you think this can be changed?
The appreciation and understanding of being tied to limitations of the end – user client; the notion of the OS dependencies, and to remove from these limitations is a challenge. Imagine a world where it does not matter where your applications run, on which OS, or the end client, and accessibility is easy. This can be changed through virtualization. This is where we introduce buyers and delegates to the very concept of ‘virtual’. This is not economical nor efficient. We need to work together to realise that computing resource is in fact a pool and this, is in fact the very essence of virtualization.

What are some issues that your customers face and how has HVE ConneXions managed to help overcome these issues?
We continue each day to listen, teach, and bring a wealth of knowledge from our virtualization, storage, networking practices to help Clients to overcome many challenges. The greatest challenge that we face is moving away from the notion that end – users must be provided with expensive desktops. We are in the business of reducing OPEX, CAPEX as well as reducing the administration associated with managing single user workstations.

Tell us a little about your session – what was the motivation behind them and why should delegates attend?
Who are you hoping to reach with your sessions and why these people in particular? What are you hoping delegates will gain from attending your sessions? My session is to highlight some common use cases and benefits our end users are experiencing in how our systems have helped them overcome IT obstacles.

Whilst many of our delegates are pretty knowledgeable about software, not everyone is so familiar with hardware suppliers like yourselves. Can you tell us what HVE does in one or two sentences? 
HVE engineers and sells purpose-built servers for virtual desktops, data-center virtualization, and high-speed storage. For the AEC industry we showcase our 3DGFX appliance that enables full 3D rendering within virtual desktops.

So who benefits from this kind of setup? Is it for big companies or people using particular software – or can we all get different benefits? Our solutions benefit companies of all sizes and disciplines. We solve a range of issues from security compliance to user mobility which means access to your applications, your data, any place, anytime.

HVE have been supporting BILTs labs around the world. Tell us a bit about your setup for us and the logistics of setting up labs for a couple of days at different locations around the world.
HVE has made a significant investment in supporting BILT and the function of the labs globaly. The setup for BILT involves a mobile server case with 3 of our GFX units and a BIX unit. Both labs can run on two of our GFX units but we always travel with a 3rd in case one gets damaged in shipping. We have greatly decreased the pre-conference onsite setup time by providing access to the lab hardware and setup between conferences. This allows the committee to build and test lab desktops months and weeks before the conference.

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