Velvet Ruts: Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs

Velvet Ruts; Introducing Design Technology Summit Dialogs Jan. 19, 2021!

Greetings everyone, we hope that your year is wrapping as best it possibly can – given the ongoing global events. To kick off 2021, the DTS Committee is pleased to introduce DTS Dialogs. Attendance to the Dialogs will be open to all members of the DBEI Community with a paid memberhip.

What are DTS Dialogs?

While our in-person and virtual events are highly structured and formal discussion sessions, the Dialogs are intended to have a more relaxed and informal atmosphere for people to gather together and talk about technology in the world of design services. Sessions will run for sixty minutes and the committee will have a topic or two prepared. But if the group that attends wants to discuss another topic, the floor will be open! Our intent is that the Dialogs can be feeders for our preeminent in-person events, in terms of topics and attendees. Can’t make a Dialog? No sweat! They’ll be recorded. Change of plans and you want to attend at the last minute? Again, not a problem, as a DBEI member, you’re welcome to virtually walk-in or catch-up later in your own time. You might even run into special guests or eminent industry figures.

Velvet What?

Since we are talking about trying to change things up and keep them fresh (there are some buzzy buzz words for you) the topic we will be putting to the floor for our first Dialog Session is “Velvet Ruts”. I’m so glad that you’re asking yourself, “What is a Velvet Rut?” We got the term from our DTS Session in October and in the context of Design Technology we want to ask….

“What are you doing that you should change?”

What is something comfortable and easy, but is not helping to advance your company forward, what can you do to change that, what do others suggest?

So, join us on January 19th at 2:00pm EST to kick-off our first DTS Dialog, it should be a great opportunity for some lightly structured, casual discussion. Just remember, you DO need to be a paying member of DBEI Community to join. Memberships start at only $15 / month! View all options here

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