Where Have All The Classes Gone?

Well this is looks concerning. The BLUE classes represent the 2019 program (by session type) as overall percentage. And the GREEN tags represent the 2018 program. What’s seems the problem? With the exception of the Structure session type, every session type has decreased by percentage compared to 2019. Sure – Business Strategy and Leadership is about the same percentage of sessions. But Data Strategy? Customization and Coding? Dramatic decreases as a percentage of the overall program.

Percentage Increase

Or so it would seem. The chart above tells only part of the story. The chart below illustrates that in 2019 we’ve introduced a series of session types and tags that explain why some session categories seem to have decreased in 2019. From Legal/ Commercial to Computational Design – these session types didn’t clearly exist in 2018. 2019 sees an important increase in session types that allow delegates to incorporate technical expertise and a strategy for the future.

Screen Shot 2019 02 23 at 10 58 57 AM

BILT. Buildings. Infrastructure. Lifecycle and Technology. It’s more than one technical platform can manage and requires a best of breed solution that takes into account open standards, interoperable workflow and long term business thinking. Here’s the overall story.

Screen Shot 2019 02 23 at 10 58 36 AM

It’s important for BILT to evolve and accommodate new thinking and directions that help our attendees prepare for the present and the future. Another important reason to see you in Seattle this July

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