Why BILT Academy matters

by Alexine Gordon-Stewart

Last year, I was able to witness the awesomeness of BILT Academy first-hand. We are such firm believers in this utterly unique program, that this year we (royal BIM Track we) decided to co-sponsor the pre-event function with LivingRoomCraftZ.

If you’re a student in Europe or know of an eager young mind, then this post is for you.

Why the party matters

Aside from getting state-of-the-art practices and workflows with industry leaders (more on that good stuff in a minute), what truly makes BILT Academy unique is that students are able to mingle with these experts and each other, allowing them to form a lifelong network of colleagues and mentors – in true #BILTstyle.

And that’s where us sponsors come in! Alongside LivingRoomCraftZ, BIM Track is thrilled to be co-sponsoring the pre-event function at the epic Brewhemia in Edinburgh, Monday Oct 7th from 6pm-9pm. Brewhemia is renowned for its live music, as well as cracking whiskies, gins & craft beers. We’ll be enjoying the Bothy Bar, with beers, wine, and nibbles on offer.

Fun and games in Brewhemia.

Never heard of BILT Academy before? Check it out 👇

Why BILT Academy is something quite special

The brainchild of the indomitable Silvia Taurer, BILT Academy introduces AEC students to some of the hottest brains in our industry. Set in Motherwell, Scotland October 8th, students who attend will enjoy the following hands-on labs:

  • Lab 1: Design to BIM, BIM Strategy and Model Management

Claudio Vittori Antisari, founder of Strategie Digitali Srl

Students will examine BIM vs Conceptual design, the basics of model management during the conceptual design phase, and how to evaluate data from conceptual design in BIM 😅. Learn more in this interview with Claudio.

  • Lab 2: Computational Design

Mostafa El Ayoubi, co-founder of DATA | SHAPES

Students will understand the basics of parametric and data-driven design, will get familiar with the workflow of producing a parametric structure and will gain a practical understanding of generative design. Learn more about the class in Mostafa’s interview.

  • Lab 3: Reality Capture

Conor Shaw, Owner / Consultant at Shaw Architectural Solutions, and Kelly Cone, VP Industry Strategy, from ClearEdge3D.

Connor & Kelly will help students to gain a practical understanding of reality capture and scan-to-BIM technologies. Learn more about their approach in their interview.

  • Lab 4: Coding in Python

Frédéric Beaupère, Architect, Herzog de Meuron

Frédéric will take students through the steps of implementing a pyRevit/Revit/PythonShell script just as they would in the real world. Learn more in this interview with Frédéric.

  • Lab 5: Project Management in OpenBIM

David Delgado Vendrell, Architect and openBIM consultant at DDV.

David will introduce the basic processes within buildingSMART standards, learn the basics of Agile Methodology, inc. what Scrum and Kanban are, then how to apply Scrum and Kanban to openBIM workflow using tools like Trello.

  • Lab 6: Multi- and interdisciplinary workflows

            Diane Ramage, BIM Manager at Keppie Design.

Diane will teach students how to collaborate with IFC files within Revit, including exporting an IFC from Revit.          

Find out more about BILT Academy 2019 or start your registration here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Alexine Gordon-Stewart is Marketing Director for BIM Track & is a big believer in the power of BILT & BILT Academy.

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