Aaron Maller

Parallax Team

Aaron Maller is the Director of Parallax Team, a Practice Technology Implementation firm. He has been implementing BIM and Practice Technology across the United States over ten years. Specializing in streamlining and maximizing efficiency, he is well known for his work in elaborate content libraries and templates. Aaron has focused his attentions on standardizing data protocols, and developing workflows around that data that allow design models to be fully leveraged downstream, having worked on many initiatives that were direct-to-fabrication from design content. Many of these initiatives required multiple pieces of software to edit design data, in efforts to maximize efficiencies of all stakeholders in a project. His efforts constantly focus on standardization and managing the ability to migrate or manipulate complex content, to meet varying requirements between different initiatives. He is an avid contributor to the BIM community, volunteering at RevitForum.org (as twiceroadsfool), as well as speaking at many events including Autodesk University, BILT Conferences and various users’ groups around the world.

My Speakers Sessions

  • Saturday, 20 June, 2020
    • BILT ANZ 2020 | Doing it with Groups isn’t as dirty as it seems
      Aaron Maller, Parallax Team
      Pre-Design, Design, Construction
      Architecture, Content


      The question of Model Groups vs Revit Links come up for a lot of repetitious types of Design and Construction Work: Multi Family, Healthcare Patient Rooms, Hospitality Hotel Rooms, Façade elements, multiple buildings, etc. In addition, Groups get a startlingly bad reputation, because of “mis-perceptions” about: “Rotating Groups is bad,” “Mirroring Groups is bad,” “Having a lot of Groups makes things slow,” “Groups are bad for performance.” Much of it simply isn’t true. In this class we will go through making Groups sing, and (more important) how NOT to make them scream.

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