Mark Dobson

One to Ten Business Club

Mark’s specific talent is taking people and teams from good to great. He knows exactly what levers to pull to create the change you are looking for and his impact lasts.
His clients are elite performers from every sphere – true outliers; CEOs, world champion athletes, innovators, and pioneers.
Athletes under Mark’s guidance have won medals in three Olympics, two Winter X Games, multiple World Championships, and have broken seven World Records. His corporate clients, such as the big four banks, Energy Australia, Finstra, MotorOne, FleetPartners and braaap Motorcycles have seen company-wide improvements in efficiency, morale and results. While the Early College Mark was a founding member of in New York City, which fast tracked students by two academic years, was praised by former President Barack Obama for its educational innovation. Mark truly understands high end talent and what it takes to create performance cultures.

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