Susanne Lund

Project Spine
Managing Director

Susanne Lund has been very privileged throughout life working with customers within the IT solutions for the building industry, both the business development and sales.
She finds it very interesting to see how companies can benefit from investment done to improve the workflow and collaboration within the company and the industry and see how people change when the implementation is in place and how they benefit from learning and growing within the organization.
She has always focused on openness and optimization, as well as providing the right solution and services to ensure that the customers achieve expected results.
Susanne’s responsibility is also to constant development partnerships with customers, helps the network of my to learn from each other and showcase how and why I think it is essential to us all communication and determines, and contribute to ask why.

Companies can benefit from each other, by helping and bringing experience to the table for growing and developing within the trends and needs for the industry that is required.

Susanne’s passionate about archiving result…..

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COVID-19 Update

20th May 2020

DBEI has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation around the world. While some parts of our society are beginning to open in baby-steps, none of us know how the situation will develop over the coming months. As such, DBEI has now made the decision to postpone all our 2020 events to 2021 as the well-being of all our partners and participants in our events remains our utmost priority. For new details on each region please visit our event pages. We have also sent communications to all registered attendees, speakers or sponsors for all of our 2020 events.

In the interim, DBEI will be launching several exciting virtual events and webinars in 2020 to continue to deliver the same expertise, insights and knowledge to the AEC industry during these uncertain times. We also have some other exciting initiatives we are working on to continue to provide value to our community, which we look forward to sharing with you all shortly.

We wish to thank you all for your support and appreciate your patience and understanding under the current circumstances and will continue to update our website and the community if there are any changes.

If you have any concerns or questions about our events please email us at