22 - 30 July, 2020
Data Day Online 2020
Wednesday, 22 July, 2020 | 01:00 PM

Roundtable: Collaborating Before the Model and Start Collaborating Around Data

Brok Howard, dRofus
Pre-Design, Design, Construction, Operations and Maintenance
Data day
Data Management, Interoperability/OpenBIM/ Collaboration
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This session is about collaboration around the ‘I’ in BIM. BIM workflows are centered around collaboration, but what about collaboration beyond the model? How can we be better at collaborating around the data?

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how data can be collaborative before the modeling effort begins
2. Find out how the Effort Curve has a future of being realized with data as the source of shifting the effort
3. Discover what a Common Data Environment (CDE) means and how collaboration can happen with it
4. Understand the types of data Owners are looking for and how to collaborate with them with it.


It’s hard to argue against the fact that the industry has shifted in the last 10 years from BIM being the norm to essential to delivering projects. Last decade was about leveraging models beyond delivering drawings, but for to start to create virtual buildings used for walking through the design to a building owner using during construction. We have figured out how to model more efficiently and to leverage these models to collaborate during design and construction. In short, there is enough value to model smart to use the model beyond drawings, but why stop there? Is BIM the end of our collaboration reach? Does BIM have limits? What about before the design? What about after construction? Is BIM’s value for the design and construction teams only? Could a shift to thinking about data and collaboration improve the BIM process we have established the last 20 years to better prepare us for the next 20 years?
In this session we shift the discussion from “more BIM” to “before BIM”. If the information (the ‘I’ in BIM) could be collaborative; our teams could be working together before they start modeling together. We will review the types of data that could be leveraged before design that support an improved design. We will review the types of data that could be leveraged before construction that support an improved construction.
The Effort Curve designed by Patrick MacLeamy in 2004 has been interpreted as solved by BIM, but many would argue that it has failed to deliver the promises it proposed. In this session we will are argue the Effort Curves potential is centered around leveraging data more and earlier in the process. We will show methods of using data to drive design and introduce technology that was not previously available 20 years ago when the industry was shifting from drawings to modeling.
We will clarify what the Common Data Environment (CDE) means conceptually and how a CDE is where the collaboration around data happens. When collaboration can happen beyond the model, more are available to collaborate and earlier in the process. We will highlight the value of early collaboration around data to reduce risk and improve project delivery.
The long-term value is leveraging data after construction for an owner. Many owners can’t use the models leveraged for design and construction with BIM. The owners are looking for data they can leverage. We will review the data owners are looking for and how to collaborate with an owner on this data.



Brok Howard

Technical Account Manager

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