A place to connect, a place to share, a place to learn. While there are many forums available to you on the internet (and we have long been hesitant to add another), no one forum space has sought to address the true breadth of our industry – from designer to builder to owner/operator, from idea to software to legislation. A single source to discuss all aspects of what you do and how you do it.

NEW Forum Features - Coming Q4 2020


Right now, this forum is new and, as part of DBEI, is all about you and what you need. Be here and be a part of defining and guiding the forums into the form that best serves the needs of you, your colleagues, and your community. Nowhere else will you find forums, and other resources and services, that cover the breadth and depth of what you do and what you need.


Do you have to go to countless locations to access the discussions, the experts, the information you need, across the breadth of what you do day to day, week to week, year to year? The DBEI forums are a place to go to join discussions on ALL aspects of your chosen industry, and to find the experts and curators that can help you regardless of your questions or issues.

Made up of the DBEI community members – the speakers and panelists you go to events to learn from, and the authors and bloggers that you read and listen to already – this is the opportunity to interact with them directly, to form relationships with members of the community locally and globally, and to lift the quality of discourse, knowledge, and value – for you, and for the whole community.

DBEI is global, not for profit, platform and discipline agnostic, and so are its forums. Join, and be a part of the global built environment discussion.

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