How do I change my membership level?

To upgrade or downgrade your membership, send an email explaining what you’d like to do to membership@dbei.org and the team will action your request.
If you would like to upgrade your membership level a pro-rata rate will be determined to apply to the remainder of the existing payment period, and payment will be required to proceed with the upgrade.
If you would like to downgrade your membership level, remember that the change will be effective from the date at the end of the current payment period. Please contact us no less than 5 business days before the end of the current payment period to allow time for the change to be implemented.

How do I buy membership for a group, or gift membership?

To organise a bulk purchase or a gift, please email membership@dbei.org explaining what you’d like to do to. Our team can facilitate the payment of these activities in one transaction and can send pre-paid membership invitations to your recipients, removing the potential for a financial administration headache!

How do I renew my membership?

Once your membership expires, you will automatically be prompted to renew your membership and enter in your credit card details when you next login. Should you wish to upgrade or downgrade your membership please get in contact with us.

What do I do if I haven’t received my receipt for payment of membership?

Drop us a note at membership@dbei.org and we can organise it to be resent (also try checking your junk mail first)

Do you offer any special concessions for students or academics?

Yes, significant discounts are applied to the Associate level membership for Students and Academics.

Student members will receive almost a 60% discount. To qualify for this category student members must provide proof of full-time student status from the relevant university/institution. Academic members will likewise receive a 30% discount. To qualify, proof of full-time academic status must be presented.

Discounts will not be offered to Students or Academics wishing to take up the Professional level membership, these are available at full price.

Will my contact information be shared with sponsors and third parties?

Your personal information will be distributed if you have opted-in to have your information shared with selected third parties including business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors. If you have opted-out, then this information will remain within DBEI and its group of companies and used for DBEI business related matters only. Please note that the information displayed on your profile will also be available publicly unless you choose to hide certain fields in the privacy section of your profile’s settings.

What do I do if I’m experiencing issues with the platform?

There is nothing worse than not being able to speak to a human when you are experiencing a problem, get in contact with us by phone  +1 213 814 2888 (leave a message on the voicemail if we’re attending to other calls and we will endeavour to return your call within 24 hours) or email membership@dbei.org and we will get to the bottom of your problem.

How will I be made aware of future webinar/online event releases?

All future releases will be published on the DBEI Community newsfeed. Major releases will also be emailed to the email address listed in your profile.

I want to have access to DBEI Insight webinars after the complimentary 7-day period, how is that possible?

Access to DBEI Insight webinars after the complimentary period is available by upgrading your membership. Sign up or Upgrade to an Associate or Professional member to receive access to this material to view on-demand via DBEI.tv. This is just one of the many benefits of Associate or Professional memberships, to view all benefits refer here.