22 - 30 July, 2020
Data Day Online 2020
Thursday, 23 July, 2020 | 12:00 PM

Excel for Design Professionals

Mr Patrick Knee, Hughes Group Architects
Pre-Design, Design
Data day
Coding and Customisation
Autodesk, Nemetschek, Other Vendor
Advisors/Consultants, Architects/Architectural Designers, BIM Leaders/Managers, CAD Managers, Engineers - Civil, Engineers - Electrical, Engineers - Fire, Engineers - Mechanical, Engineers - Other disciplines, Engineers - Plumbing/Hydraulic, Engineers - Road/Rail, Engineers - Site, Engineers - Structural, Information Managers, Interior Designers, Modellers, Project Managers, Team Leaders


Excel can make your information work for you. It is a powerful tool that can run complex calculations, automatically highlight information, or filter large lists of information. This class is for users who have data that Excel can accept and want an easier way to manage that data.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the differences between file formats and how it could be structured.
2. Learn ways available to search and manipulate the information for calculations.
3. Combine multiple data sources into more complex calculations and formulas.
4. Present this data in a graphical way using tools in Excel.


Excel is one of the most utilized and underutilized software in the AEC industry. This course will demonstrate some methods to search data, combine multiple data sets, and present this information in graphic ways.
During this presentation we will walk through some scenarios where data in Excel can be utilized for project management, code calculations, and presentations.
We will focus on:
• How information might be structured.
• Methods to get that information into and out of Excel.
• Learning ways formulas can search data and return values from a set of data.
• Combining these search formulas into traditional calculations.
• Methods to filter and sort data.
• Set up conditional formatting by references or by values.
• Create pivot tables for clearer digestion of information.



Mr Patrick Knee

Hughes Group Architects