A Sneak Peek into Data Day

By David Haynes – North America Committee Chairperson

What happens after you turn in your abstract? What is the process of selecting speakers? What’s on this year’s agenda for Data Day?

The 2020 Data Day Committee read through over 100 abstracts to fill the eight slots for Data Day on day 1, and the three labs, and four Roundtables on day 2. Our mission is to provide the best two-day conference on how data leverages AECO business decisions. We look for a diversity of speakers, topics and professions to ensure that every attendee will get something that they can use when they return to their job after the conference.

Trending data topics the committee saw during the abstract process:

  • Data Analytics – there will be a session on dashboards, as well as labs on analytics.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – we have included a session this year on AI and data.
  • Generative Design – we’ll have a panel discussion on generative design and data. There’s always an interest in new solutions, and we will highlight two SAAS products in our vendor showcase that integrates data in the early design process.

Data Day 2020 will explore all the ways users are using data to complete their projects. Our Roundtables will focus on topics that will encourage discussion and communication about what is happening with data in the AECO industry.

Our labs this year will continue to focus on fundamental education for data analysis and visualization. If you want to take part in this, it’s imperative to register as soon as possible because seats for these labs fill up fast.

If you are your firm’s ‘data person’, Data Day 2020 is the conference for you! This year’s event is being hosted in San Diego, California on August 12-13, so, mark your calendar and come join other data minded AECO professionals. We’re looking forward to another year of Digital Built Week and more data analysis! Read more:

Click here to check-out last year’s event!

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