And The Winners Are…

Who were the Top 10 Speakers at Digital Built Week 2019 in North America? This year we had a record amount of feedback and high scores. Because of the different types of classes and integration of events across the week, this year we present our top speakers based on Presentation type. These include Large Presentations (greater than 50 attendees), Small Presentations (less than 50 attendees), Labs, Boardroom Roundtables and Simulataneous Roundtables. This has allowed us to include smaller classes, who had a lower number of ratings, but still scored highly!

Top 3 Large Presentations: 

1. Brian Mackey: Streamline Revit Family Content

2. Matt Whetstone: Transforming Your Revit Template with Dynamo Player and Data Shapes

3. Carl Storms: How to Code-ish

Top 3 Lab Sessions: 

1. Nathan Miller: How To Train Your Algorithm – Uses of Machine Learning for Design and Construction

2. John Pierson: Turn Dynamo up to 11 with Python

3. Tie for 3rd!
Dan Boghean: Creating and Modifying Revit Add-Ins Using Python and PyRevit
Ian Keough: GD Generative Design Using the Hypar Platform

Top 3 Smaller Presentation: 

1. Phil Bergsieker: Emerald City Jewels- Building Dreams and Possibilities

2. Roberto Herreros: The Complete Life of Rebar

3. Marcello Sgambelluri: An Intro to Getting Dynamo to talk with RAM Structure using the API

Top 3 Boardroom Roundtable Sessions:

1. Carl Storms: Construction From a Model in the Wild

2. Marcello Sgambelluri: 4 Perspectives on the Changing Face of AECO+ Beyond 2019

3. Andrew Atkins: You Model What?!? Structural Level of Development

Top 3 Simultaneous Roundtable Sessions: 

1. Sheena Shook: Getting the Best Byte for the Buck: How can Owners buy BIM Data efficiently

2. Jeffrey Kuchta: Bridging the gap between what content Manufacturers need & what users need

3. Vickie Patel: AEC Technologies vs. the Law

Honorable Mentions

Alix Calon, It’s Time to get a BIM Technician who received a perfect 3/3 score for her boardroom roundtable, but had fewer percentage of responses than the classes included in the Top 3.

Brian Mackey and Sash Kazeminejad both scored barely below third place for their smaller presentations, Rationalizing Revit Railings and We all secretly love revit parameters respectively and just missed out!

Johan Hanegraff was so close to 3rd place and received fantastic comments for his Lab session Revit to Unity: Develop Your Own Interactive VR Experiences.

That’s it! Thanks to all the speakers that worked incredibly hard to share their valuable knowledge and make the conference a wonderful success. Looking forward to next year’s conference in San Diego. Are you ready? The call for abstracts is just around the corner! 🙂

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