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Over the last few years, we have recognised that many of our delegates have moved into roles which no longer require only technical skills, but a whole host of different strategy, leadership, business and management skills.  For this reason, the development of our Strategy & Leadership stream of classes has been a priority for us – to invite both leading practitioners from differing fields and our own community to provide classes that cover different aspects of leadership – some that may be about technical leadership and managing and project and others that are about personal development and growth.  Our recent keynote speakers, Dr Louise Mahler in 2017 and Ashraf Habibullah spoke on different aspects of this topic. 

Business, Strategy and Leadership classes don’t always mean non- technical classes at BILT.  This stream also provides classes that focus on technical leadership and your digital strategies from IT through to software deployment and training strategies.

This year, we continue to offer a stronger than ever Business, Strategy and Leadership stream with many past favorite speakers returning, including Mark Jeffrey and Katherine Mair. See our recommended list below, and make sure you register now to secure your spot in these classes!

Session 1.2

Why is Change Management still a topic here? Mark Jeffrey, ODG Solutions

We have all been talking about change management and BIM for a long time – if it was working the industry would have transformed by now.  This session is going to be all about culture, behaviours, and helping you to work up strategies to address all of those people who are stuck in ways that are inhibiting the progress of the organisation, or perhaps your own progress.

How 3D GPU enabled desktops can solve IT hurdles in the AEC industry. Justin Lindsey, HVE ConneXions

Do you know if your IT is servicing your project and team needs?  Learn about how virtual desktops can solve a range of issues from data security to flexible working.

Session 1.3

The many flaws of BIM execution plans: Rountable Nathan Love, AECOM

How can we improve BIM execution plans? Perhaps at BILT we can work towards solving this together.

Revit & BIM: Understand what you are selling Melanie Tristram, Jasmax

Too often the people selling the BIM aren’t the people who know anything at all about doing it.  What’s the difference between delivering a project in Revit and actually providing BIM outcomes to your clients.  Do you business or project leaders understand?  This session will explore the benefits of educating Business and Project leads in the fundamentals of BIM delivery and what may occur if this isn’t put in place.

Session 1.4

Demonstrating Your Brand & Value at Work: Workshop Katherine Mair, M.A.D. Mindworks

We got great feedback after Katherine Mair’s workshop last year, so she’s back again this year to help you identifying where and how you bring value in your role and organisation and how to sell your own and your organisation’s success.

Session 1.5

Truly Master Your Time In A Modern Era, Mark Dobson, One to Ten Business Club

This class is on my own list for sure! “This is about understanding the game of business, people, obligation and leadership so clearly that it moves in slow motion to you. This is about liberating your time and business initiatives.” Is there anyone at BILT that wouldn’t benefit from this class?

How Would You Set Up this Project? A Discussion about Project Startup: Workshop Elaine Lee, Perkins Eastman

There are probably as many ways to set up a project as there are to do anything in Revit.  The goal for this discussion is to learn from each other about how to approach setting up a project from the perspectives of BIM manager, project architect, lead designer, or project manager.  Different views and priorities might change the way you do things.

Session 2.2

Implementing a Digital Practice: Looking Beyond BIM Management Steve Nonis, Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.

Staying current in the ever-changing technological landscape that drives the AEC industry is a problem that necessitates new ways of structuring your firm and organizing a workforce. Beyond BIM management, learn how a progressive, Architecture firm leveraged its staff pool of 150 and created a Digital Practice Department to handle the demands of staying current and relevant.

Session 2.3

Structuring your teams for success Melanie Tristram, Jasmax

Yesterday you might have learnt about setting up your project for success, key to your project success will be your teams.  Practice, Project and BIM teams come in different sizes and flavours; the structure of each relates to the success of the others. These team structures can impact and support the others; what is required to ensure we are able to adapt to todays, fast pace, changing industry.

Session 2.4

Understand your audience before you train it: Revit training with a purpose Monica Greco, Jasmax

Developing and delivering Revit training in-house can be challenging. This session will go through how Jasmax implemented a new training strategy with the help of online assessments from KnowledgeSmart, providing Revit learning material that is targeted to users’ development needs and career growth.

Session 2.5

Reinventing IT for AEC – Strategies for beyond the IT Server Room Robert Mariani, Buchan

Learn how IT Leaders within the AEC industry might reinvent IT departments to offer more than day to day efficiencies and identify or greater contribute to revenue streams.

The BIMe Initiative – knowledge sharing and open source tools: Workshop Bilal Succar, Change Agents AEC

Information/BIM managers of medium-large organisations need good quality reference materials and templates to make their information management jobs easier. The BIM Excellence Initiative (BIMe Initiative) is an international, not-for-profit, community-based effort offering high-quality templates, modular resource, and open-source tools for everyone to freely use.  Come and learn about what’s available and how these resources could benefit your organisation.

Dynamo Protocols for Success – Standardising Dynamo Deployment, Scott Crichton, BVN

So you have a few keen Dynamo enthusiasts but what next? How do you make sure that everyone can access the benefits from the software without getting tangled up in a mess nodes and connectors?

Session 3.1

Advancing your Career in BIM: A Panel Discussion of 20/20 hindsight, Phil Lazarus, Aurecon

Do you feel like your career has been about chewing gravel and getting nowhere? Are you having trouble seeing how the drudgery of today’s tasks is providing valuable experience for 5, 10, or 20 years from now? Then this class is for you.  Any panel lead by Phil is sure to be both dynamic and thought provoking – even first thing on a Saturday morning.

Session 3.2

A Space for Progress: Transforming your Studio to Meet Industry Realities Ellen Bensky, Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.

In a world of change, surprisingly many architect still work in very traditional workplaces.  As a workplace designer, this is a fascinating session I’m looking forward to.  Turner Fleischer will openly share the thought process, requirements, and driving philosophy of re-imaging their practice’s space to reflect an unwavering commitment to continual learning paired with client and staff experience.

How To Understand the People Around You: Workshop Linde Ryckeboer, BIM Consulting

Just understanding why people behave and react the way they do, could make your projects and collaborations less stressful instead of leaving you frustrated with “this one person on my project team”.  If you are feeling this way about any of your collaborative partners, Linde’s class might just be the solution to your work frustrations.

Greenlight: How to design, test and deliver what customers want, Marcus Fich, Grundfos

This year we have focussed a number of sessions on selling – yourself, your team, your BIM.  But how do you make sure you are selling what people actually want?  Come to Marcus’s session to find out.

Session 3.3

Workshop: Business Development & Market Penetration Mark Jeffrey, ODG Solutions

I attended Mark’s workshop on this same topic last year, and highly recommend it.  Relevant and highly interactive.  If you have any interest in moving into business development or your work involves BD in any way – this class is a must go to.

From Zero to BIM in…? Michael Dunn, Geocon

Its not very often you get a role where you get to setup a full BIM team and program of work from scratch – with a blank cheque and a directive to implement BIM this is the story of the first 12 months of BIM at contracting firm, Geocon.  Why did Geocon decide BIM was worth it?  What worked and what didn’t?

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