BILT Europe Top Ten!

By now BILT Europe seems like a distant memory, but hopefully you have already found some ways to implement at least one thing you learnt at BILT Europe this year. But now its time to relive the memories with our most popular post of the year BILT Europe Top 10. It’s great to see this year we have a fantastic line up of local and international speakers feature in the Top 10 from the very technical to case studies of how people are operating within their projects.

1.LAB: Custom Dynamo Script Usage Tracking Nodes and Visualizing in Power BI (Timon Hazell)

2.LAB: Add some Python to your Dynamo skills! (Mostafa El Ayoubi)

3.Unlocking Revit’s Families Potential through Mathematics (Vincent Bleyenheuft)

4.MEP Refinery: Exploring Generative Design for MEP design (Alejandro Mata)

5.LCA and BIM – How to Improve Environmental Performance of Buildings (Martin Rock)

6.Landscape Architecture – A new BIM and computational design workflow (Alberto Dominguez & Alfonso Monedero)

7.Enhance your design work using XR (Johan Hanegraaf)

8.Interoperability at large: making foreign model data available in Revit (Ivan Pajares & Roberto Molinos)

9.Edinburgh St James – One Data-set used multiple ways (Clive Daniel & Chris Hughes)

10.Coordinate, Cooperate then Collaborate, a case study of 18-19 Hanover Square (Michael Boyd)

Speaker ratings are based upon the feedback we receive via the app on the session and the materials. Where speakers receive high scores but only a low number of responses, we don’t include their results. (So attendees remember next year to give your feedback on each session so we can showcase your favourite speakers). This year we had 5 speakers who fell into this category and therefore a special mention also goes to:

  • Dan Stine with his session, “Professional Lighting Content and Analysis in Revit
  • Conor Shaw with his session, “Roundtable: Climate Digest: Debating the UN climate talks and how they relate to AEC+O
  • Jostein Berger Olsen with his session, “LAB: Visual Programming in Infrastructure: Gung-ho tactics for getting stuff done
  • Jon Mirtschin with his session, “Object Libraries, why aren’t they common
  • Thomas Corrie with his session, “Further Optimizing an Architect’s Bookshelf

If you missed these sessions, remember that you can find the session materials online, particularly for more technical talks and labs the session presentations and handouts can be invaluable. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback via the app and survey! We can’t wait to see you all next year in Valencia!

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