Digitize your construction workflows: a necessity for contemporary companies

For construction, the greatest challenge still remains project delivery: learn more about the vital role accurate positioning plays in boosting efficiency. In their upcoming webinar on March 2, Adam Box, Business Development Manager Vertical Construction for Topcon and Robert Klaschka, Director of EvrBilt, will be sharing an insight into how to ensure a reliable and consistent surveying coordination process, from inception to delivery.

High failure costs, traditional processes, rising prices for raw materials, and increased competitive pressure: in construction it is not easy to make money.  

Digitizing the construction process can help solve a lot of problems but paradoxically, the construction process is almost at the bottom of the list when it comes to digitization compared to other sectors. In fact, by the time the work assignment arrives at the construction site, all the automation is gone:  the contractor works with a site plan in his pocket and reads from an A0 print where the pipes have to go. With a bit of luck, he then scribbles on. that same print the adjustments he had to make because in practice it ran differently than it was designed in paper. The chances that of all adjustments are well documented and stored during the construction process are very low, even if they are of great importance to the parties involved in the project.

Automating and digitizing the construction process could solve those issues. Nevertheless, many construction managers and directors prefer to invest in new equipment and personnel rather than in construction software.

Topcon knows, and can show you that the benefits of digital sizing are many times greater than the advantages of traditional building boards. In the construction world, you must keep thinking ahead in order to survive and digital building is the future.

Where do you start?  

Step one is always understanding the benefits that technology can deliver and how easy it can be included within your delivery proceses.

Get in touch with Topcon experts to find the best solution for your current and future needs.

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