Introducing Building Content Summit Online

What is the Building Content Summit?
The Building Content Summit (BCS) is designed to provide Design Practitioners and Building Product Manufacturers (BPM) with the opportunity to learn about specific issues concerning content development and its use within the AEC community.

Since this year’s BCS will be hosted online, we’ve decided to split it into two tracks. One will focus on professional AEC practitioners who continually need to build, maintain and iterate their own digital content libraries, while the second focuses on Building Product Manufacturing professionals and how they can better serve the design community.

Here’s a sneak peek of upcoming sessions:

  • Taking an Inside Look: What It Takes to Be Content With Content: Rob van het Hof
  • What’s in a name? Naming Strategy for Revit Content: Christopher Shafer
  • How to Ensure Revit Family Stability: Brian Mackey
  • To Host or Not to Host, That is the Question: Using Hosted Families in Revit: Purvi Irwin

As an AEC Professional, Why Should I Attend?
The AEC practitioner segment of BCS focuses on the fundamental content used daily by AEC professionals; covering all phases of the BIM content life cycle – from content acquisition, organizational strategies and asset management, creation and modeling methods to data inclusion, pushing into construction, operations, and facility management.

Our event unites stakeholders from the frequently disparate sectors of the AEC community to facilitate a better design process, through better content, resulting in a higher quality construction process, built environment, and ultimately, fewer hassles for anyone working with content. 

BCS practitioner sessions will open with a presentation given by an industry professional followed by a roundtable discussion; giving attendees an opportunity to discuss their thoughts on the topic in a small group setting.  

BCS provides a platform where anyone producing or interacting with data in the built environment can exchange ideas and knowledge as well as facilitate the standardization of digital data. What makes our format unique is that we are a community of industry experts who not only address the challenges of using diverse BIM data and fragmented workflow but also share successful tips and practices from fellow industry professionals.

How Do I Join?
Registration for the two streams will open soon, stay tuned for more information!

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