Meet Mark Mergenschroer our Data Day Speaker!

Who are YOU (the person)? 

I am entering my 24th year in the industry and have recently moved into the role of Customer Success Engineer for the Autodesk BIM 360 Ops Software.  I work with customers on the successful integration of the BIM 360 Ops solution, leading pre-sales opportunities with construction firms and owners, speaking at industry events and developing case studies with our customers.  I am currently an adjunct professor for Arizona State University on the subject of Building Commissioning and Facility Start-Up. I have also been involved in several ASU BIM Facility Management research projects and was a co-author of the BIM for Facilities Management chapter, in the book, Building Information Modeling: Applications and Practices.  I have been able to share my industry knowledge at events such as Autodesk University, BIM Forum, BILT NA, AHSE, FIATECH, ASHRAE, Children’s Hospital Association Forum and to numerous Revit User Groups.

My focus is on new and improved ways for a facility manager to maintain the operations of a building for its lifecycle.

What interests you outside of work? 

Nine years ago, my three-year-old son faced a diagnosis of Autism.  That day, we were told that he would never have an imagination.  My passion has been on not limiting his life but allowing him to excel in life.  The Miracle League of Arkansas, allowed Caleb to learn baseball and taught me valuable life lessons. Today, Caleb is a happy 14-year-old, will be starting 7th grade, and has an imagination that you would not believe and plays three different sports.

What do you feel is most lacking in our industry currently? And how do you think this can be changed?

Our industry has excelled in the BIM deliverable, but we are also profoundly lacking in the BIM deliverable.  Focusing on why we need to understand what we are delivering is the key to change.

What are some of the issues You face and how do you manage to overcome these issues?

I work with facilities teams often, and the biggest complaint is that they don’t get the data they need to operate and maintain in a timely fashion

What have you achieved and how?

I was part of the team that led the implementation of BIM 360 Ops for the new Arkansas Children’s Northwest Hospital in Springdale, Arkansas.  This greenfield site had a working CMMS and over Operations and Maintenance procedures in place, at substantial completion. Over 60 gigabytes of digital data was collected before the hospital opened.

Tell us more about what the next steps are for you in your role?  What you wish to go on to achieve?

I’m still learning my role with BIM 360 Ops, but I hope to better educate our industry on the needs and requirements of the building’s facilities team.  We build some amazing buildings, but they also have to be operated and maintained, and we need that data!


What was the motivation behind your abstract submission and why should delegates attend?

BIM data versus owner Data…. I see us handing over BIM data, but is it the correct data to maintain and operate a facility?  I also hear that facilities teams don’t get the operations and maintenance data until sometimes 18 months after the building is open, this is something that needs to be corrected and will be discussed.

Who are you hoping to reach with your presentation and why these people in particular?

My goal is to evoke the thought process for all who attend.  Facility data can be valuable, if delivered in the proper way.

What are you hoping delegates will gain from your session?

I hope they will gain some insights on facility data, and recognize the need to fill that gap in our industry.

The Data Day 2019, Hyatt Regency Seattle event begins on Wednesday July 17, With over 100 delegates already registered to attend on Wednesday, this year is the biggest yet!

We hope to see you there!

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