Soup Du Jour

By Craig Barbieri

Change is one of many responses to extreme challenges, and often happens only out of necessity rather than desire.

Working from home is a great example of this. Once regarded as unusual or a privilege, it has become a necessity in a remarkably short period of time. I don’t think anyone would have predicted the industry’s ability to shift dramatically over the course of a few months. Yet here we are.  

From a leadership perspective, change to WFH had no reasonable alternative; and the hope was that our trust in our staff would prove itself. For many of my colleagues this has proven to be true. While it hasn’t all been smooth sailing, we are starting to see some of the positive outcomes.

For example, productivity has increased in some industries. This might be due to fear of unemployment, time regained from a zero-commute workday, or something else.

WFH has also been friendlier to shifting working hours, but not everyone is the same. Some of us are morning people, and others are night owls. Factor in at-home schooling or self-provided daycare, and the need to shift working hours to meet family and other commitments has never been more obvious.

Many have been able to adjust their work schedules to fit it all in. This can provide an opportunity to rethink one’s productivity ‘zones’ and find new ways of meeting all that is required of us.

Can your office culture survive in this new WFH life? Can it thrive? Has it strained relationships or strengthened them? How have our vendors adapted? How have our clients and opportunities changed? These questions and more are just some of the topics we will be discussing at the Design Technology Summit Online – starting August 26. Click here to register.

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